The School: Unity Community Primary School

In their first year with Enabling Enterprise this fast-growing free school have really begun to get to grips with the challenge skills. The school have been focusing two major skills, Aiming High and Staying Positive, completing Lesson Time Projects within each class. This was clear from the outset as the teams, from Reception through to Year 3, entered the hall excited and ready for the day’s challenge.

The Challenge: Crime Scene

Working in a Team and Problem Solving would be essential skills to succeed in today’s task as a dastardly criminal had entered the school in the early hours of the morning and stolen all of the sweet treats from the school kitchens. The EE Crime Scene team were here to help but without the support of the new recruits from Unity, they had no chance of identifying the culprit. Listening Carefully, the children were introduced to the four suspects before heading off to analyse evidence and make their case.

The Results:

Culminating in some incredible presentations, the teams were Using Imagination to bring together all of the evidence into their teams’ case files. Showing how best to demonstrate their Sharing Ideas skills, the new recruits stood in-front of their class and teachers to demonstrate how they had made their decisions, what skills they had displayed, and ultimately explain who was their main sugar snatcher suspect.

What they said:

  • “The kids were really engaged. It was really great to see the relationships between them. I was really surprised how some of the more quiet children stepped up and the ones who I expected to dominate were able to step back. ” – Teacher, Year 2
  • “This was my favourite day. I want to do another mystery and work with my team again” – Student, Reception

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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