The School: London Fields Primary School

London Fields Primary School in Hackney are currently in their second year of working with Enabling Enterprise. So far this year, the whole school has been involved in running Lesson-Time Projects in their ‘Enterprise Week’, as well as all taking on ‘A Day in Politics’ where students created their very own political parties from scratch. Today in the world of work provided the chance for a lucky group of Year 6 students to put their Enterprise Skills to the test by partaking in an engineering challenge at the urban construction firm Multiplex.

The Business: Multiplex, London

Multiplex is a leading global contractor with expertise across the entire property sector, delivering landmark property and infrastructure assets for more than 50 years. They create large-scale and complex landmark buildings, commercial structures and infrastructure projects and work in Australia, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Canada.

The Challenge: Brilliant Builds

After an introduction to our volunteers and a chance to find out more about how they use the enterprise skills in their roles at Multiplex, the children were taken on a fantastic tour of the premises. The teams were then ready to take on the Brilliant Builds enterprise challenge. The area of Bogsby has a brownfield site in the centre of the community. Working in a Team, the challenge was to redevelop the land and create a space that would benefit the local people and the environment.

The Results:

The construction of a model for the redeveloped site required excellent Working in a Team skills and, as they had done throughout the day, every team demonstrated great Leading to ensure their model was finished on time. All four teams were truly Aiming High in the complexity and inventiveness of their plans. Staying Positive was paramount when deadlines were tight and construction proved tricky, but the teams managed to finish on time!

At the end of the day, the students impressed the Multiplex judges immensely with their clear and well-reasoned presentations about what they would do with the Bogsby site. It was fantastic to see every student speaking so confidently about what they had achieved and the enterprise skills they had used throughout the challenge.

What they said:

  • “Brilliant seeing some children really engage who sometimes find it hard to stay on task or join in.” – Teacher, London Fields Primary School
  • “Very well-thought out designs around the room! I especially liked the physically adaptable multi-functional community space.” – Volunteer, Multiplex
  • “When we were Leading we helped teammates in Sharing Ideas one at a time so that everyone had a strong input.” – Student, London Fields Primary School

Thanks to Multiplex for such a great trip day, and to Year 6 from London Fields Primary School for coming along.

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