The School: Cubitt Town Infant School

Cubitt Town Infant School in Tower Hamlets is an Enabling Enterprise Primary School. This year they are developing key enterprise skills in their students through projects such as ‘Community Café’ and ‘Doing Good’. They have also been involved in the whole-school Challenge Day ‘Crime Scene Investigation‘, further developing their students’ understanding of what is it is to be an enterprising person.

The Business: Barratt London

Barratt London is the market-leading residential developer in the capital. Barratt London provides homes for all Londoners: from state-of-the-art apartments and penthouses in Westminster to riverside communities in Fulham, and complex, mixed-use regeneration schemes in Hendon.

The Challenge: Brilliant Builds

Arriving at the live building site of Landmark Place near to Tower Bridge, the Year 2 pupils were quickly brought into the working world of construction. Looking a picture in their hi-vis jackets and wearing smiles of eagerness, the pupils were introduced to the site team at Barratt London and soon found themselves in the thick of touring this active building site. The tour set the teams up perfectly for the day’s challenge in which they had to re-develop a brownfield site in the fictional town of Bogsby, using the key skills of Problem Solving and Working in a Team. The needs of three community members were of the utmost importance as the pupils Listening Carefully to their wants and needs and made their final decisions over what they wanted to build on the site to enhance the lives of those living in Bogsby. The teams’ ideas ranged from supermarkets to parks, and for those who really were using their imagination, a Dinosaur Museum for families to enjoy.


The Results:

Presenting to the Project Manager and Senior Site Manager, the teams tried their best to remain confident and deliver their ideas with smiles on their faces. Each team gave every member a chance to speak and in some cases, they had remembered that Sharing Ideas is about persuading the judges by using a strong tone of voice and holding their designs for the judges to see how they had been Aiming High in their ideas. A number of the pupils felt they had been Working in a Team really well and had been Listening Carefully and Sharing Ideas all day to reach the final point of displaying their designs with pride. Well done, Year 2!

What they said:

  • “It is important the pupils get a chance to see people at work and a site in action. What a great experience for them!” – Teacher, Cubitt Town Infant School
  • “It is surprising the ideas the students can generate. You never should underestimate them.”- Volunteer, Barratt London
  • “Today, we have learned how to work in a team and listen to each other.” – Student, Cubitt Town Infant School

Thanks to Barratt London for such a great trip day, and to Years 2 from Cubitt Town Infant School for coming along.

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