The Schools: Lavender Primary School and Chase Side Primary School

Enfield-based Lavender Primary School and Chase Side Primary School have been working with Enabling Enterprise for the three and four years respectively to develop the core Enterprise Skills of their students. They have been doing this through a range of Lesson-Time Projects and whole-school Challenge Days such as Lavender’s ‘Operation Moonbase’ and Chase Side’s ‘Future Transport’. The students who came along today were therefore highly prepared to demonstrate the strength of their Enterprise Skills within a business environment, with their Working in a Team skills under particular focus as they all collaborated with a totally new set of students today.

The Business: Argos Holloway Road, London

Argos is a British catalogue retailer which trades in over 750 physical stores, as well as online. With around 800 million website visits a year, it is one of the largest high street retailers online in the United Kingdom. The volunteers from the team at Holloway were extremely assistive and inspiring for the children who were all able to explain what it’s like to work at such a busy retail cataloguer.

The Challenge: Recruitment Race

The students worked in teams to hone their ability in two of the key enterprise skills with the support of volunteers from Argos. The students learnt about the role of Human Resources and were set the task of recruiting new staff members to join departments within an expanding organisation. To unpack the vital information that linked candidates to job specifications, the students had to exercise fantastic abilities in Problem Solving. Leading each other was also particularly necessary if the teams wanted to reach decisions in the fast-paced environment of the ‘Recruitment Race’.

The Results:

Working in a Team proved critically important as we moved through the various challenges of the day up to the final task: pitching their final decisions to the judges. Someone needed to keep an eye on the time, whilst another needed to ensure each area of explanation had been aptly covered. It was fantastic to see how, by Working in a Team, they managed to write and present engaging and persuasive pitches that made the Argos judges’ final deliberations very tough indeed. Students were particularly praised for their in-depth reflections on the Enterprise Skills. Every pupil fully participated and should be proud of how much they had achieved during the day.

What they said:

  • “Our children worked fantastically with new colleagues, each developing valuable experience in leading” – Teacher, Lavender Primary School
  • “Lovely seeing children exploring Human Resources within a workplace and responding to different job applicant interviews” – Teacher, Chase Side Primary School
  • “Great presentations all round, congratulations to those that assisted their teammates if things got hard.” – Volunteer, Argos Holloway Road
  • “We got through challenges and problems by working together and supporting each other” – Student, Lavender Primary School
  • “We always stayed calm in activities and Worked as a Team by listening to what each other had to say ” – Student, Chase Side Primary School

Thanks to Argos Holloway Road for such a great trip day, and to Years 4 and 5 from Lavender Primary School and Chase Side Primary School for taking on the challenges so well.

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