The School: Byron Court Primary School

Located in the London Borough of Brent, Byron Court is a large primary school in their first year of working with Enabling Enterprise. The school’s values and motto ‘Believe it, Achieve it!’ ties in closely with Aiming High, and so today’s challenge was very fitting to put the students’ enterprise skills to the test, especially honing in on Working in a Team and Using Imagination on this forward-thinking challenge. Let’s find out how they got on.

The Challenge: Future Transport

A special assembly kicked off the day at Byron Court: the students from Early Years through to Year 6 were introduced to Ronnie the Robot, who had travelled back from the year 3030 on the hunt for transport designers for the future. They were informed that the year 3030 looks very different, with environments that the current transport of 2017 is not suitable for. Ice cities, expansive deserts, over-crowded urban areas and dangerous jungles: all require new forms of transport for the generations of the future. The students quickly worked together in their teams to analyse the future environments and think about a combination of today’s methods of transports would be needed to successfully navigate them. They then shared their creative ideas to build a model vehicle to help Ronnie.

The Results:

Students across all of the year groups showed excellent teamwork (one of their school’s values) by taking turns, especially Listening Carefully to each other and ensuring that they all took responsibility for their tasks. It was fantastic to see students in all of the classrooms continually refining their ideas the more they talked through their designs with their team members. Problem Solving was a particular strength in some teams as they aimed high to finish all of the tasks within the tight deadlines and answered grilling questions from the adults who wanted to find out more about their prototypes. The teachers and EE staff alike were impressed with the students’ creativity, which resulted in some outstanding hybrid vehicles. All teams demonstrated excellent Staying Positive skills – a real testament to their resilience, especially as they were preparing for a round of professional presentations to show off their projects and their successes.

What they said:

  • “This has been a golden opportunity for the children to work on their collaboration, resilience and learning dispositions.” – Teacher, EYFS
  • “I’m proud of this: it’s the best thing I’ve ever made and I had my friends to help.” – Student, Year 1
  • Staying Positive is important because if you don’t, you just give up and the day will be a waste.” – Student, Year 4
  • “One team in my class I thought wasn’t going to work well together, but they have really surprised me, and they have come up with brilliant ideas for their designs!” – Teacher, Year 5

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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