The School: Edgware Primary School

Edgware Primary School in Barnet have been working with Enabling Enterprise for 4 years to develop skills such as Problem Solving and Working in a Team. Today, students from Years 2 and 6 were challenged to apply these skills in new ways and working with lots of new people. Let’s find out how they got on…

The Challenge: Level Up!

All eight of the enterprise skills were required for students to successfully complete the many stages in developing a new computer game! The day began with students taking on the role of researchers as they considered their school environment and values in which their game would be set. It was crucial that teams were Using Imagination to design the characters and obstacles within their game world, before mastering their communication skills when coding the precise movement of their characters. It was then time for the students to show off their ideas in a final presentation to their class at the EE expo!

The Results:

Throughout the day, it was evident that each team had different strengths and it was fantastic to see the students realise these strengths and extend them. There were some disagreements throughout the day, but many teams learned the importance of Staying Positive and managed to finish their activities in the time given. The diverse game worlds showed how the different areas and experiences of life at Edgware Primary can be the basis for exciting, scary, tricky and happy computer games!

What they said:

  • “We mixed the classes so they were working with lots of new students. This was a great experience for them and while some did struggle, others really stepped up.” – Teacher, Year 2
  • “Our character combined different ideas – the clothes and freckles were from my design but we used the other features from my friends to make an even better drawing.” – Student, Year 6
  • “They really needed a change and this was great. It’s great to see them so engaged in something fun.” – Teacher, Year 6
  • < li>“My team was really good today because we kept helping each other.” – Student, Year 2

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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