The School: Tenterfields Primary School

Tenterfields Primary School are a one-form entry, longstanding Enabling Enterprise school in Halesowen and have been working on their their Enterprise Skills this year through business trips and lesson time project such as Gallery Opening and Trash to Treasure. Last year, students completed the Future Transport Challenge Day and everyone was keen to find out what their new challenge was this year!

The Challenge: Operation: Moonbase

At the start of the day, everyone gathered in the hall to hear their challenge brief: to design a new society on Utopia to combat the problem on Earth of overcrowding. They thought carefully about skills they are already good at and skills they would like to improve on. Back in class, students got into teams where they worked with different classes and year groups and chose the best crew by analysing the pros and cons of different career specialists, helping them to establish their new moon colony. Then, Using Imagination they created a brand new species of animal to live with them on Utopia and support civilians in their new lives. Finally, students applied their Problem Solving skills to design and build giant city maps to show off their ideas for how different buildings might be useful to a new society.

The Results:

In the final presentations, during which students shared their ideas from across the entire day, it became clear how much had been achieved in such a short space of time! Students worked thoughtfully in their mixed year groups, delegating jobs and helping each other throughout the various challenges. They also demonstrated incredible imagination, designing weird and wonderful creatures and finding very creative solutions to the problems they faced.

What they said:

  • “Mixing up the classes and year groups worked really well. The older ones have been able to take on a leadership role and help the younger ones in their group. ” – Teacher, Year 1
  • “I’ve got better at aiming high and staying positive today because my group has been able to resolve disagreements. I’m really proud!” – Student, Year 4

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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