The School: St Mary’s CE Primary School, Ince

In their second year with Enabling Enterprise, Ince St Mary’s are well used to focusing their learning towards the Challenge Skills. Today’s focus; Aiming High, Using Imagination and Working in a Team. All classes were ready to go as the challenge was revealed. The students were eager to team up and get involved in a tricky but engaging set of tasks. As an added bit of pressure today’s activities were being filmed by a professional film crew, who were hoping to catch the student’s skills in action.

The Challenge: Future Transport

Ronnie the Robot has returned from the future with terrible news. The earth has changed and the environments we are living in are more perilous and extreme than any we currently face. From Jungles with toxic swamps to Deserts so hot no human could survive out in the open, the human race is finding it more and more difficult to navigate the globe. Today the students from St Mary’s faced the challenge of designing and making a prototype for a brand-new form of transport. Taking into account sand so sharp it can shred rubber to narrow and winding, polluted city streets, the teams began to form ideas, Staying Positive and Problem Solving to find the best transport solution.

The Results:

With wild designs and practical solutions, the teams’ creations were as varied as they were fantastic. Helicopter-submarine-tanks, air and solar powered boats and unicorn inspired bendy buses were just a few examples of the incredible use of imagination. The teams worked together, taking turns, sharing ideas and aiming high to create the best and most impressive prototypes possible. Culminating in practical tests and a final presentation of their ideas, the students showed their pride in the day’s work, showing off their great work and effort.

What they said:

  • “I was worried that one of our children would find the different structure hard to cope with, but I’ve been really surprised with how well he’s done. He’s been able to engage with everything as its been challenging but understandable and accessible. ” – Teacher, Year 2/3 Teacher
  • “The Challenge Day has really helped both me and the students to really focus on the skills. It was great to do this before we start our next project so we are clearer on where we are with the skills and how to improve them ” – Teacher, Year 3 Teacher
  • “Our teamwork has got a lot better since our Challenge Day last year. We have worked better as a team; we have argued a lot less this year and not talked over each other.” – Student, Year 4
  • “The skills are even more important on a Challenge Day than in normal school, because you’re working with the same people all day and therefore you have to solve the problems.” – Student, Year 5

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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