The School: St Mark’s Primary School

St Mark’s Primary in Merton are coming to the end of their first year of working with Enabling Enterprise. In this time they have been engaging their students across all year groups in enterprise education through exciting lesson-time projects, working to develop their core enterprise skills. Today followed on from the highly successful Crime Scene Investigation Challenge Day in October, where these students took on the roles of police detectives to investigate the identity of ‘The Sugar Snatcher’ who had robbed the school of all its sweets and chocolates!

The Challenge: Level Up!

Today the St Mark’s students took on the roles of computer game designers, developers and testers and were challenged to create a computer game based in their very own school! Throughout the day, students were Working in Teams to decide where in their school to base the game and to design the game world and characters before finally thinking about how to bring it all to life by coding the movement of characters and objects in their game.

The Results:

It was brilliant to see students Using Imagination when thinking about the format and mood of their new computer games. The character designs drew from a fantastic range of inspirations, from the world of cartoon superheroes to the teaching and catering staff of St Mark’s Primary! At the end of the day, each team of game developers from Year 1 to 6 stood up and showed how confident they were at Sharing Ideas with brilliant presentations about the computer games they had invented! The teachers were very impressed with the development of their skills so it was no surprise that enterprise points were racking up high on scoreboards across the school!

What they said:

  • “I think presenting is a really valuable experience for students to develop confidence, it builds excellently on what they’ve been practising in drama and English.” – Teacher, Year 3
  • “We worked well in a team by listening to each other’s ideas, but we could improve on Staying Positive because we sometimes get stressed, don’t you?!” – Student, Year 5 Presentation

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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