The School: Kingsmead Primary School

Kingsmead Primary School in Hackney are in their first year working with Enabling Enterprise. They have been developing their students’ Enterprise Skills through a series of lesson-time projects, and also took part in an exciting ‘Future Transport‘ Challenge Day in coordination with two other schools they form a federation with.

The Business: British Land, London

The British Land Company is one of the largest property development and investment companies in the United Kingdom, with their contracts amounting to approximately £1 billion a year worth of development and construction. They are currently engaged in a ten-year contract to redevelop large office spaces in the Broadgate area. Today we were joined by a team of volunteers from British Land and their partners Sir Robert McAlpine to learn about the work involved in large urban construction projects.

The Challenge: Brilliant Builds

Today’s challenge required our Year 6 teams to demonstrate brilliant Leading and Sharing Ideas skills as they were set the task of redeveloping a brownfield site in the town of Bogsby. Before they began planning their development, they were able to get a fantastic insight into the construction industry by interviewing the six expert volunteers who had joined them from British Land and going on a tour of the Broadgate redevelopment site. Teams showed they had listened carefully by applying all of this new knowledge as they planned and built a model of their Bogsby development, thinking about to make it best fit the requirements of various local residents.

The Results:

Teams thought carefully about the needs and wants of the Bogsby community as well as sustainability issues like recycling and green energy. The creativity was really flowing as teams designed and built innovative structures to meet a range of residents’ needs all in one. To get the plans finished in time, students needed to show excellent Working in a Team skills and motivate each other by Leading. After construction was finished the students’ set about Sharing their Ideas and models in a trade fair with judges from British Land. The judges remarked on the successes in explaining decision making and the conviction with which these were delivered.

What they said:

  • “This has been a great opportunity to see some of our students get really involved in Leading the tasks and thinking about dividing responsibilities out” – Teacher, Kingsmead Primary School
  • “Fantastic confidence in the presentations, really great to see their abilities improving as they practised and took on feedback” – Volunteer, British Land
  • “The main skills we used were Working in a Team so that everyone had a job and we could build our site on time” – Student, Kingsmead Primary School

Thanks to British Land for such a great trip day, and to Year 6 from Kingsmead Primary School for working excellently.

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