The School: Clifton Primary School

Clifton Primary School in Southall, are in their first year with Enabling Enterprise. Earlier this year the Year 3 and 5 classes completed the Trash to Treasure and Active Minds projects, focusing on Working in a Team and Staying Positive skills. In December, the Year 4 and 5 classes completed the Greetings Card Challenge Day, with both year groups producing a fantastic range of cards. The winners from this day in Year 4 and 5 students went on to visit M&G in London, with a trip to BBC Worldwide awaiting the winners of today’s challenge!

The Challenge: Greetings Card Challenge and Business in a Day

In Year 3, the children were challenged to become card manufacturers and produce a range of greetings cards with a chosen theme. Working in a Team, they decided a pricing category for their range and then had to buy the materials that they needed to make the cards from the EE shop. They could then sell their products back to the shop in order to buy more materials, make more cards and make a profit!

In Year 6, the students were entering the world of business as entrepreneurs. They worked in teams to set up and run a souvenir business. They started by Using their Imaginations to design new souvenirs before entering the manufacturing stage. At the end of the day they shared their ideas through adverts for their products and companies.

The Results:

Both Challenge Days got off to a great start, with students Sharing Ideas and researching their brand new topics. The Year 3 classes thought about why people send greetings cards and what events would be most profitable for their groups, whilst Year 6 discussed how souvenirs reminded people of visits or memories and how they could create them for their local area or school.

The morning concluded with both year groups busily creating their products in their productions lines before selling it back the EE shop. The days ended with the students presenting back their work and adverts to the rest of the class, with teachers awarding Sharing Ideas points to the clearest and most persuasive teams.

What they said:

  • “It’s been really good to see the children pick up from where they left in the Lesson Time Projects earlier this year.” – Teacher, Year 3
  • “I’ve really enjoyed today. I’m so proud of what my group has done.” – Student, Year 3 Rowling
  • “I’ve had to Stay Positive to make sure I get a profit for my team.” – Student, Year 3 Dahl
  • “I’m going to use my good Working in a Team and Aiming High skills when I get to secondary school next term.” – Student, Year 6 Gandhi

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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