The School: Loughborough Primary School

Loughborough Primary School based in Lambeth, are in their third year of working with Enabling Enterprise. So far this year, the school has run projects in Key Stage 1 and 2 but today was Year 6’s final chance to develop their enterprise skills in class before going to Secondary school. Later this Summer, students from Key Stage 2 will be taking on a challenge in the real world of finance at French bank Societe Generale!

The Challenge: Creative Spaces

The pupils were challenged to design a new community arts centre for their local area. Their designs had to be inspired by nature in any creative way they liked. After Sharing Ideas to design and plan the building throughout, the children exercised their skill of Working in a Team and drew the community arts centres they envisioned. Each team then turned their drawing into a 3-D model, using an exciting array of materials, including cereal boxes, fruit containers and feathers. Once these were completed, the teams presented their community arts centre design to their classmates.

The Results:

Year 6 created some designs that demonstrated fantastic imaginations and incorporated elements of nature in unique ways. Many children were impressively conscientious and inclusive, ensuring that their community arts centres were accessible to all and sustainable. The students grew more and more confident throughout the day in their ability to work effectively in teams and share ideas, culminating in compelling final presentations that involved every team member.

What they said:

  • “It’s been fantastic to see the students come out of their shells and show themselves in a different light. This is really good preparation for their experiences in Secondary School.” – Teacher, Year 6
  • “We got to use our knowledge from our Rivers topic today in this challenge. It made me think about how I can use what I have already learnt about to help me with my imagination.” – Student, Year 6

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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