The School: Kender Primary School

Lewisham-based Kender Primary have been working with Enabling Enterprise for the fourth year in a row, expertly developing core enterprise skills in their students. They have been doing this not only in school through a range of Lesson-Time Projects and Challenge Days such as ‘Business in a Day’, but also outside the classroom on employer visits to top businesses – for example, to Lendlease and to University of East London, to name the latest two. Today was a chance for students from three Year groups in Key Stage 2 to put their Working in a Team skills to the test once more while Using Imagination on a stretching challenge. Let’s find out how they did.

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

Planet Earth has reached a critical point with issues such as overcrowding and pollution calling for a change. Luckily, the Kender students were future-focussed in establishing a new society on the distant moon of Utopia which humans could move to. They applied their Problem Solving skills to choose an ideal space crew and were Using Imagination to design a new species of animal, Aiming High to plan and build an entire city from scratch.

The Results:

Working to tight deadlines throughout the challenge, students thought carefully about how to delegate tasks so that everyone in their team contributed to the best of their abilities, showing fantastic Leading qualities. Through Working in a Team so effectively and Listening Carefully to each other, the teams were able to explore this challenge with great depth and enthusiasm. They were most certainly Staying Positive when problems arose along the way, especially during the construction phase. At the end of the challenge, teams worked seamlessly together to rehearse and confidently present a series of persuasive pitches, convincing their classmates and their teachers that their plan for a new society was the best in the galaxy!

What they said:

  • “This challenge is brilliant! I love the point system: I’m going to start using that in my other lessons.” – Teacher, Year 3
  • “When I was leading my team, I made sure everyone had a job to do – and if they weren’t sure, I asked them questions to come up with other ideas.” – Student, Year 5

Well done to Years 3, 4 and 5 at Kender: you did yourselves proud!

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