The School: St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School

Enabling Enterprise’s partnership with St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School, located in Smith’s Wood, Solihull, is in its third year. The whole school participated in this challenge day, exercising the enterprise skills that the children have been developing through the enterprise projects that each class have completed in lesson-time. Having also had exciting experiences with Enabling Enterprise on trips to renowned employers recently, the students were enthusiastic and determined to succeed in their challenge right from the start.

The Challenge: Creative Spaces

At the beginning of the day, all classes were informed that the local council want to build a new community arts centre and require St John the Baptist young entrepreneurs to help design it. The designs had to be in some way inspired by nature. The children worked in teams to decide the location of their community centre and the artistic functions that the centre would fulfil. They drew initial designs in pairs, then shared ideas with their teammates to create a final design. Each team created a 3-D model of their design using a vast array of materials, including natural materials that the children collected from the school field. At the end of the day, each team proudly shared their design for the community arts centre.

The Results:

Imaginations quite literally ran wild all over the school. The children’s designs celebrated many types of art and incorporated nature in very creative ways. The teams did not allow the challenge of building models of their designs to limit them in any way, rather they shared ideas and used their problem solving skills to devise impressively inventive ways of building the less straightforward elements of their community centres. The showcases of the final products’ at the end of the day revealed that each team had aimed exceptionally high.

What they said:

  • “I’ve seen certain children really grow in confidence today – they are usually reluctant to join in, but today they have been sharing ideas and even leading their team. Brilliant.” – Teacher, Year 4
  • “I’ve definitely improved at working in a team this year. I know that I need to stay positive if things aren’t going so well.” – Student, Year 6
  • “We worked together and it was fun!” – Student, Year 1

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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