The School: Isle of Ely Primary School

Isle of Ely Primary School in Cambridgeshire is an Enabling Enterprise Primary School. They have been developing key enterprise skills in their students through Challenge Days such as ‘Crime Scene‘ last academic year, where students became crime scene investigators to discover who the ‘Sugar Snatcher’ was, or ‘Future Transport’ last October, which saw students create their own prototype for a mode of transport that would be suitable for the year 3030. They have also been working on a range of Lesson-Time Projects back at school, but today was an opportunity for a lucky few Year 2 students to stretch the same enterprise skills outside the classroom, into the world of work. Let’s find out how they got on.

The Business: The Civil Service, Cambridge

The Civil Service helps the government of the day develop and implement its policies as effectively as possible. These offices include The Department for Local Government, Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

The Challenge: Recruitment Race

The Year 2 students worked in teams to hone their ability in two of the key enterprise skills with the support of volunteers from Civil Service staff. The students learnt about the world of work, including the role of Human Resources. They were then set the task of recruiting a new receptionist, cleaner and finance manager to join the Civil Service. They had to think about what these roles were responsible for and how school could prepare them for these roles. There was a core focus on Problem Solving and Leading as they were challenged to take part in the fast paced aptly named – Recruitment Race.

The Results:

Inspired by an exciting tour of the office and meeting employees from the different departments, the students got to work! After looking at the different job specifications and thinking about which skills would be useful to fulfil the different roles. The students with the help of the volunteers, sifted through the information about all 6 candidates, carefully matching their skills and experiences to the different positions available. It took great Problem Solving skills to carefully choose their final 3 candidates and when the teams gave their final presentations to the volunteers, it was clear that they had all carefully considered the information they had been given. All of the teams were great at Working in a Team and Listening Carefully to one another’s ideas.

What they said:

  • “I’m good at sharing my ideas because I’m a chatterbox” – Student, Isle of Ely Primary School
  • “The students presenting were really clear and knew what to get out of it. It was a really enjoyable day” – Volunteer, Civil Service
  • “I think the children have really gained valuable skills from the day” – Teacher, Isle of Ely Primary School

Thanks to the Civil Service for such a great trip day, and to Year 2 from Isle of Ely Primary for coming along. It was a great day!

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