Blessed Sacrament is a larger than average primary school in Liverpool who are working with Enabling Enterprise for the first time this year. Hot on the heels of a very exciting Enterprise Week the Year 4 winners from A Day in Politics were Aiming High today as they arrived to take on a new challenge. Their character and resilience would be put to the test as they worked with pupils from different classes and volunteers they had never met before. But inspired by the grand interior of Rathbone Hall the students’ ambition and grit soon shone through.

The Business: Rathbones, Liverpool

Rathbones is one of the UK’s leading providers of investment management services for private clients, charities and professional advisers. The original business was founded by the Rathbones family back in 1742, however, has been listed on London Stock Exchange since 1988. Today, they have 15 offices throughout the UK and Jersey. As the company was founded in Liverpool the office here, just down the road from William Rathbones’ statue, has cultural as well as economic significance for the area and so is the perfect place to bring students to further develop their aspirations.

The Challenge: Trading Triumphs

Staying Positive and Problem Solving were the key skills the pupils were working on today as they took on the role of stock market traders. It was impressive to see how well the students listened to one another as they discussed the pros and cons of each potential investment. Guided by their volunteers they had to constantly re-evaluate the potential success of each company and make sure they were making decisions their client would be proud of. Working in a Team was essential as they all had to agree before time ran out and the market closed.

The Results:

It was fantastic to see pupils and volunteers alike so engaged in the challenge and Listening Carefully and Sharing Ideas with each other so confidently. From the first hand shake, through the tour of the busy and buzzing Rathbones office, to the final presentations, the students appreciated and lived up to this unique opportunity to be part of the real world of work. The development of their soft skills was clear to see throughout the day. The volunteers gave out many points for Leading to pupils who took on the role of organising their group and ensuring everyone was engaged and for Using Imagination as they really started to think about the impact the events they were learning about would have on the companies they were investing in. A great job done by all!

What they said:

  • “I’m surprised by how engaged they all are, and the amount of work they are getting through” – Teacher, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School
  • “The pupils were reasoned, co-operative and articulate throughout the day. It was an interesting and illuminating day to be part of and I thoroughly enjoyed it.” – Volunteer, Rathbones
  • “When we arrived we were scared but we stayed positive, and now I’m really proud that we got to come here because of how well we worked on the Challenge Day in school.” – Student, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School

Thanks to Rathbones for such a great trip day, and to Year 4 from Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School for coming along.

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