The School: Old Moat Primary

This is the first year Old Moat Primary have worked with Enabling Enterprise and have offered their students many experiences, including three lesson-time projects per year group and 120 trip places to various different employer partners working in a range of sectors. Later this week they will be completing their first Challenge Day. The school’s eagerness to develop their students’ enterprise skills has seen them re-enrol for next year and continue to build on the inspirational work their students have shown across this academic year.

The Business: RSA, Manchester

RSA is one of the world’s leading multinational quoted insurance groups. They provide insurance and risk management for businesses and individuals across the globe. Focusing on general insurance, they have around 23,000 employees worldwide.

The Challenge: Trading Triumphs

With the skills of Listening Carefully and Working in a Team being exercised from the start, the teams from Old Moat Community Primary were thrown into the challenge of recalling information about RSA and the eight key challenge skills. The teams quickly unified as they played a decisive game of risk and learnt how Aiming High and Staying Positive were vital when the odds might appear against you. As new recruits to the fast-paced world of Stock Market trading, the teams quickly gathered key information about their client, Dr Taylor, and the four companies they were allowed to invest money in. >Sharing Ideas and Leading the team’s discussion became essential, as the groups began asking, “What do you think?”; “Are you happy?” and, importantly, “Do we all agree?” to make quick decisions about which companies were the most appropriate for their investment. The scoreboard was building in excess of 30 points per team, with the volunteers and teachers crediting the fantastic display of enterprise skills.

The Results:

The judges were in awe of the students’ ability to think on their feet during their presentations and remarked on particular students’ ability to maintain eye contact and offer a professional and engaging presentation. Each team, being new to the business trips, showed a willingness to share their ideas and demonstrate how they had been Problem Solving and Staying Positive throughout the day. There were two winning teams: those who impressed the judges in the presentation and those who had worked hard and acquired the most skills points throughout the day; however, all teams ended the day as winners, having challenged themselves in the dynamic and enterprising world of finance.

What they said:

  • “A wonderful opportunity for children to experience life in the RSA world. Great to see the teamwork and confidence grow.” – Teacher, Old Moat Primary
  • “The students were very enthusiastic and took in lots of information. Kathryn was very engaging and energetic and everyone had a chance to take part and made great presentations to the judges.” – Volunteer, RSA
  • “Although this challenge was hard at the start, team work made it much easier and I then felt more confident when I was doing the presentation. ” – Student, Old Moat Primary

Thanks to RSA, Manchester, for such a great trip day, and to Years 4 and 5 from Old Moat Primary for coming along.

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