The School: St Mary’s CofE Primary

St Mary’s CofE Primary in Saffron Walden, is only in their first year working with Enabling Enterprise to develop Enterprise Skills across the school but already the students are demonstrating great Working in a Team. Earlier in the year, Year 5 visited the Civil Service offices in Cambridge before designing and creating their own board games back in school. Today was an excellent opportunity for the whole school to take part in a day of enterprise. Let’s see how they got on with Operation Moonbase.

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

Operation Moonbase sees students take on the role of managers, designers and builders in setting up a new society on a baron moon in a distant galaxy. Using Imagination, teams work together to make decisions on who they will take along with them for their crew, what new species of animal could exist with them and how they could spend a budget of $10 million to develop a new city on Utopia. The day culminated with teams sharing their 3D model maps of their dream city on Utopia!

The Results:

It was clear from the outset that St Mary’s CofE Primary students were going to become excellent space explorers. From choosing an imaginative team name to justifying their choice of crew, students were certainly Sharing Ideas with one another to get the job done.

When it came to designing and building their model cities, teams were Aiming High to design a new society we would be happy to live in including state-of-the-art sports stadiums, comprehensive road systems and plenty of green space!

What they said:

  • “It’s great that they got to spend a day like this – learning to work together in teams” – Teacher
  • “I have definitely been surprised by some students, ones I didn’t think would getting really stuck in and are quite forward with their ideas. ” – Teacher
  • “You can’t just do whatever you want in a team you have to ask the rest of the team first and make sure they are happy” – Student, Year 1
  • “You’ve got to stay positive because if you just give up we will never get to Utopia!” – Student, Year 4

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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