The School: Alston Primary School, Birmingham

Alston Primary School in Birmingham is an Enabling Enterprise Primary School. This year they are developing key Enterprise Skills in their students through their exciting Challenge Day: Operation Moonbase.

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

Planet Earth is becoming overcrowded. Year 5 pupils at Alston Primary School were tasked with tackling this problem by establishing a new society on ‘Utopia’; a moon in a galaxy far, far away. To do this well, pupils had to take on various roles throughout the day, from designers to managers, builders and advertisers to demonstrate their strengths in Working in a Team, Problem Solving and Staying Positive.

The Results:

Working well in together, each team selected their crew for this important mission. Wild imaginations were exercised as the teams designed a new species of animal that could benefit their new society. They then designed a city that could house the new population, which revealed promising future urban planners. The teams built 3-D maps of their cities, which they presented to their classmates in a competitive intergalactic trade fair. The presentations revealed ingenious designs, clearly resultant of fantastic teamwork and creativity. The teachers were very impressed with the teams’ cohesiveness and confidence in presenting, as well the skills on display throughout the day.

What they said:

  • “It was wonderful to see the children working so well together in team groups that they would not normally work in. A wealth of creatively and imagination helped provide a great outcome for the day ” – Teacher, Alston Primary School
  • ” I really enjoyed working in my team and using my problems solving skills to create a new animal to protect people in our new society ” – Year 5 Pupil, Alston Primary School

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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