The School: Colegrave Primary School

Colegrave Primary School are in their first year of working with Enabling Enterprise to develop their students’ enterprise skills such as Sharing Ideas, Staying Positive and Working in a Team. A group of students from Year 3 and 4 were lucky enough to take part in the Future Transport Challenge Day which saw them work in mixed year-group teams and put their enterprise skills to the test!

The Challenge: Future Transport

In Future Transport, the Colegrave students were set the challenge of designing and building a model of a brand new form of transport for the year 3030 in the future. In their teams they started the day by using their Problem Solving skills to conduct research into existing forms of transport and work out which features would still be useful in the future. Then they had to start Using their Imagination to come up with their designs for their future transport before building a prototype in their teams.

The Results:

It was fantastic to see such innovative designs and brilliant teamwork throughout the day from the mixed Year 3 and Year 4 teams. At the end of the day, each team had the chance to test another team’s transport against the success criteria before each team then presented their prototype and design to the group. It was fantastic to see students Sharing Ideas so confidently in their presentations and really drawing on their literacy techniques to make it as persuasive as possible.

What they said:

  • “The children loved the day and it was excellent at developing key skills.” – Teacher
  • “We’ve got better at doing teamwork today by encouraging other people in our team if they do something well or have a good idea. It makes us all want to try harder!” – Student, Year 4

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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