The School: Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School are a large four form entry school in Liverpool. This is their first year working with Enabling Enterprise and following a very successful ‘Day in Politics‘ in March, the school are now in the middle of their Enterprise Fortnight. It was time for 14 of their Year 5s to see if they could apply their skills in the real world of work. It would take grit and resilience, not to mention oodles of Problem Solving and a dollop of Aiming High, to make it. Were they up to the challenge? Did they have the skills to succeed? Let’s find out!

The Business: Bruntwood in Liverpool

Bruntwood is a family-owned property company offering 110 different properties which cover office space, serviced offices, retail space and virtual offices across Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham. Today the pupils came to one of Bruntwood’s nine buildings in Liverpool, The Cotton Exchange, a famous site in the heart of Liverpool. They had a unique opportunity to see, first-hand, an office before Bruntwood refurbished it and then see the final finished product which all the students agreed, they would be proud and inspired to work in.

The Challenge: Recruitment Race

Bruntwood employs between 400 – 500 people and today the students had the all-important job of finding them three new recruits. Listening Carefully was key as the volunteers helped them to understand the demands of each vacancy and it was exciting to hear the students confidently Sharing Ideas and using the new vocabulary, introduced to them throughout the day. It didn’t take them long to realise that Using Imagination was a great way to help them match each candidate to the job, as they asked themselves, “How might that skills be useful?”; “What would happen if…”; “Why might this candidate be better than that one?”. As they analysed the positives and negatives of each person, it was necessary to Staying Positive and not give up when they disagreed on who was best for each role.

The Results:

Leading became the important skill as we moved to the final task, pitching their final decisions to the judges. Someone needed to keep an eye on the time, whilst someone else took on the role of ensuring all the parts of the tasks were complete. It was fantastic to see how, by Working in a Team, they managed to write and present engaging and persuasive pitches that made the judges final deliberations very tough indeed. Every pupil fully participated and should be proud of how much they had achieved during the day.

What they said:

  • “I was impressed by how enthusiastic they were about presenting at the end. I know several students who struggle with this in school but they were so confident today.” – Teacher, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School
  • “It was great to see the students develop as the day went on. Their presentations were amazing: they were so confident.” – Volunteer, Bruntwood
  • “We lost the game at the beginning but we didn’t give up; we kept going as a team. This meant we soon caught up with the other teams. I’m really proud of us for this.” – Student, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School

Thanks to Bruntwood for such a great trip day, and to Year 5 from Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School for coming along.

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