The School: Princess May Primary School

Princess May Primary School in Hackney are in their first year of working with Enabling Enterprise. The students have spent the last few months developing their enterprise skills though various Lesson-Time Projects, as well as recently taking part in an exciting Challenge Day taking on ‘A Day in Politics‘. Today saw the year 5 class journeying to L&Q’s offices to learn about their work and compete in an outreach challenge.

The Business: L&Q, London

L&Q are a charity housing association operating in London and the South-East, where they build, sell, rent and look after houses. They currently serve over 150,000 tenants and manage 90,000 proprieties, making them the largest landlord agency in the capital. Today the students had the opportunity to tour their Stratford offices and see the wide range of different careers available at L&Q.

The Challenge: Spread the Word

Stretching their Problem Solving skills, the teams of Year 5’s had to come up with a creative new mascot with an important message to promote the work of L&Q, and to raise awareness about issues faced by local communities L&Q is focused on. Throughout the day all teams were sharing ideas and taking in turns at leading to compete in a variety of exciting and fast-paced challenges, learning about L&Q’s role in serving people and communities and how their message can be transmitted to the public. The teams finished the day of by planning and delivering a news bulletin that presented their mascot to the volunteer judges.

The Results:

There was lots to do throughout the day, but the Year 5’s worked continuously hard with a professional attitude, showing off their leading skills when it was necessary for the team to come to a speedy decision. The volunteers were impressed not only with the range of imaginations in the room, but also at how well the students were sharing ideas when discussing the theme for their mascots and when presenting in their news broadcasts.

What they said:

  • ” The children really enjoyed taking turns to lead and the challenge made them think about the whole community from a new perspective – a great extension to our Day in Politics challenge day. The support from L&Q volunteers was great and helped the children feel comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings.” – Teacher, Princess May Primary School
  • “The students rose fantastically to the challenging tasks in front of them” – Volunteer, L&Q
  • “Our mascot ‘Harry the House’ is here to help!” – Student, Princess May Primary School
  • “The best bit was designing our mascot but it was hard to bring everyone’s ideas together. I was nervous in our news broadcast but it went well. What I have learned is that there are lots of different jobs here like Case Officers who helps people solve problems.” – Student, Princess May Primary School

Thanks to L&Q for such a great trip day, and to Year 5 from Princess May Primary School for coming along.

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