The School: Fryent Primary

Fryent Primary School are in their second year of their Enabling Enterprise projects. They have been developing core enterprise skills not only outside the classroom, but also in school with Challenge Days such as Creative Spaces. Today was an opportunity for the students to hone their primary enterprise skills further still.

The Challenge: Level Up!

Over the course of the day, students delved into the world of gaming whilst Working in a Team to design and code a new computer game, set in their very own school! The students used all eight of the enterprise skills, reflecting on their school values whilst teams also researched computer games and created a platform game that showcases what makes their school great.

The Results:

The Fryent students were simply excellent with their Using Imagination skills, Aiming High as they designed, developed and previewed their new game ideas for an EE Game Expo at the end of the day. One Year 5 group had the fantastic idea of a game promoting recycling by collecting litter and reusing it. While some teams in Year 2 opted for a more fast-paced style of game. The day culminated with classes Sharing Ideas when they presented their gaming project to their audience. The teachers were very proud and impressed with their skills, so it was no surprise the scoreboards in each classroom were filled with enterprise points for all teams!

What they said:

  • “I saw a marked improvement in my class’s ability to cooperate by the end of the day.” – Teacher, Year 4
  • “When you’re a good leader you ask people questions so that you hear everybody in your team’s ideas.” – Student, Year 3

Well done to everyone who was involved!

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