The School: Abbotsfield Secondary School

Abbotsfield School in Hillingdon have been working with Enabling Enterprise over the past few years to develop their students’ enterprise skills. Most recently, Year 9 students took part in an “Invest It Best” Challenge Day, with teams competing to win places on this trip. This day provided a great opportunity for them to build on the skills and knowledge they had developed during the Challenge Day, and learn about the varied range of jobs on offer within a professional services firm.

The Business: PWC Uxbridge, London

PwC is a trusted and respected member of the business community, providing tailored solutions to a range of client issues. PwC is known for being one of the biggest graduate employers in Britain and has already built a relationship with students from Abbotsfield School, having run mock interviews with the students and hosted previous business trips. At their nearby offices in Uxbridge, the local students were given the opportunity to quiz various employees about their roles and the importance of working in a team and presenting convincingly, and undertake a unique tour of the offices.

The Challenge: Sweet Success

These students that particularly excelled on Abbotsfield’s Challenge Day, were competing again today to set up their own Sweet Shop businesses. This involved planning the theme of their shop and its product line, focusing on establishing a Unique Selling Point, and then pitching their ideas to an investment lender. Students then had to use their Listening and Understanding skills to pick apart the information provided and decide which sweet manufacturers they wanted to invest their money in, looking to secure the biggest profits. After the results came in, the groups had to prepare and deliver a presentation to a panel of PWC judges, outlining their business strategy, its outcomes and the future aspirations for their businesses.

The Results:

Throughout the day students impressed PWC volunteers and their teachers with the range of their ability to Be Creative and effectively get on with their tasks to ensure they were completed on time. By putting their heads together, they were able to work out their net profit after returning loans and interest from the bank to uncover whether or not their first year in business had been a success. In their final presentation, each team member went on to explain the thinking behind their investments, why this was a good or bad decision and what they would do differently in the future. Once again the pupils impressed adults and each other on the day with their ability to articulate a high level of financial vocabulary during the presentations.

What they said:

  • “The boys learnt a lot about their strengths and weaknesses and supported each other with fantastic guidance. Thanks for providing the opportunity to express themselves!” – Teacher, Abbotsfield Secondary School
  • ”So impressed with their explanations of using Enterprise Skills! It was really good to see our less confident students taking a key role.” – Teacher, Abbotsfield Secondary School
  • “A really enjoyable day to be a part of, great practical scenarios for students to think about business and the wider world.” – David, PWC Uxbridge
  • “When choosing what sweets to sell we used our problem solving skills and read our information carefully to make smart investments.” – Student, Abbotsfield Secondary School

Thanks to PWC Uxbridge for such a great trip day, and to Year 9 from Abbotsfield Secondary School for wowing us with their efforts.

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