The School: Trinity Primary Academy

Trinity Primary Academy, in Haringey, are in their first year of working with Enabling Enterprise. After taking part in a couple of taster events, today’s Challenge Day provided an ideal opportunity for the whole school to hone in on the eight enterprise skills and explore why they are so important. After half-term they will continue developing key employability skills in their students through an enterprise week, where all classes will be taking on a range of Lesson-Time Projects such as ‘Food Glorious Food’ and ‘Going Green’.

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

The students worked in teams through a series of fast-paced activities in the ‘Operation Moonbase’ challenge, to set up a new society from scratch on a distance planet called Utopia. Students showed their creativity and adaptability by using skills such as Using Imagination and Problem Solving to successfully take on the role of managers, designers, architects, builders and advertising executives to complete the mission. The task was colossal but all teams were fantastic at Aiming High for their brand new human colony.

The Results:

Teams across the school had various challenges for their new Moonbase, such as carefully selecting their crew to ensure each member would be an asset to their society. Many were keen for a fair and equal society and others debated the type of relationship they desired with the planet’s alien inhabitants. Some teams in Reception came up with a Space telephone that could make calls to and from anywhere in the universe! There were creative animals which included a cow’s udder with different flavours of milk and fizzy drinks. Staying Positive whilst working against the clock to get all tasks completed on time, the teams of would-be astronauts from Trinity Primary Academy were confidently Sharing Ideas during the Intergalactic Trade Fair, where students were using their persuasiveness to dramatic effect.

What they said:

  • “This challenge is really good for my class. Usually they take a while before they get to work well in a team, but today they are gelling instantly.” – Teacher, Year 2
  • “When you lead you need to think about people’s feelings because if you have one person who is angry and one person who is annoyed they could argue and then bring the whole team down. But today we had a good leader in our team, so we didn’t argue that much.” – Student, Year 4
  • “This is so good I want to share it with my husband!” – HLTA, Year 3
  • “I’ve really noticed the difference because I’ve working on the skills with them all week.” – HLTA, Year 5

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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