The School: William Tyndale

William Tyndale Primary School in Islington have been working in partnership with Enabling Enterprise for many years. Alongside developing students’ skills through Lesson-Time Projects and Challenge Days, William Tyndale also have a Skill of the Month where the whole school hones in on one of the eight enterprise skills.

The Business: Higgins Construction, Colville Estate in London

Higgins Group is an award-winning, family-run construction company with over 50 years’ experience in major housing developments. Throughout London and South East the company currently 27 live projects ranging from £5million to £150million.

This visit was also supported by volunteers from two other partner companies: Wates Construction, one of the UK’s largest family-owned construction, property services and development companies; and Anthology, a company specialising in residential developments in London.

The Challenge: Brilliant Builds

Students began the day by meeting volunteers from Higgins Construction, Wates Construction and Anthology before going on an exciting tour which included a panoramic view of the Colville Estate development and a close-up walk inside the site itself.

Back in the room, students were then set the challenge of redesigning a brownfields site for the people of the fictional town of Bogsby. They researched the wants and needs of different people in the community and applied their understanding by choosing buildings and areas that would be suitable for everyone. The captured their ideas be designing a plan for the Bogsby development.

The Results:

Teams thought carefully about the needs and wants of the Bogsby community as well as sustainability issues like recycling and green energy. To get the plans finished in time, students needed to show excellent Working in a Team and Leading skills before Sharing Ideas with the judges in the final presentations they delivered in front of a judging panel, made up of the volunteers from Higgins, Wates and Anthology.

What they said:

  • “The children have been able to identify key features in the development process and use a range of the Enterprise Skills. The volunteers from Higgins, Wates and Anthology gave a great insight into the construction workplace.” – Teacher, William Tyndale
  • “It was fantastic for the children to visit a construction site and this fitted in very well with the Brilliant Builds challenge.” – Teacher, William Tyndale
  • “Great to see the children experiencing (some for the first time) the workplace environment with emphasis on teambuilding, overcoming problems and working under pressure. All very different from the school environment but as this programme shows, it needn’t be [difficult].” – Parent, William Tyndale
  • “Students made a lot of progress on their teamwork and listening skills which was fantastic to see.” – Leah Honychurch – New Business Assistant, Higgins Construction
  • “A really enjoyable session, it was great to see team really thinking about and responding to the needs of the community.” – Sarah Clark, Senior Resident Liaison Officer, Higgins Construction
  • “I was impressed with how students at such a young age presented their ideas.” – Joan Borzak, Senior Resident Liaison Officer, Higgins Construction
  • “It was a great experience being part of the Enabling Enterprise day, made all the more rewarding by the school’s excellent presentations at the end.” – Bill Hayworth, Project Executive, Anthology
  • “The Enabling Enterprise session I attended was outstanding. The way in which the children were engaged and mentored to produce and give a presentation far beyond their years is a testament to the ability of the Enabling Enterprise staff.” – Matthew Jupp, Commercial Management Trainee, Wates Construction
  • “The best of the day was when we worked as a team to design our development.” – Student, William Tyndale

Thanks to Higgins Construction for such a fantastic trip day, and to Year 3 and from William Tyndale Primary School or coming along.

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us or visiting

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