The School: Shaftesbury Park Primary School

Year 3 from Shaftesbury Park Primary in Wandsworth, have started the Food Glorious Food lesson time project back at school and enjoyed a whole school challenge day This visit was an excellent opportunity to further develop their Working in a Team and Problem Solving skills in a completely new working environment.

The Business: Experian, London

Experian Plc is a global information services group with operations in 40 countries and 17,000 employees. The company collects information on people, businesses, motor vehicles and insurance as well as ‘lifestyle’ data from on and off-line surveys to help companies make decisions on credit, marketing and customer service issues.

The Challenge: Recruitment Race

Shaftesbury Park Primary students started the day very professionally by introducing themselves to the Experian volunteers. They quizzed the adults about their roles and the enterprise skills they use in their day-to-day jobs. The students were then set the challenge of filling vacancies at Experian, including a new finance manager, receptionist and cleaner.

A fantastic tour of the offices helped the Primary entrepreneurs gain a deeper insight into the business. Back in the room, the four teams then spent some time thinking about what skills and attributes the perfect Experian employee might have, before carefully watching and reviewing a series of interviews. There were six possible candidates, and this was stretching the teams’ Problem Solving skills as only three positions were available.

The Results:

After supporting the students fantastically throughout the day, the Experian team turned into judges for the final part of the challenge. Each student team presented on the vacancy, their choice of candidate and the enterprise skills their team had displayed. Judges were impressed by the clear and organised way students presented as well as their reasoning and how they agreed who to appoint as a team.

What they said:

  • “Today has given the students an exciting insight into the world of work and why both the enterprise skills and numeracy are important in later life. A very valuable experience!” – Teacher, Shaftesbury Park Primary School
  • “A really enjoyable experience! I have a five year old at home so to work with other young students and support their development has been brilliant.” – Volunteer, Experian
  • “Very energetic and rewarding! Also, there is a lot we can take out of today as volunteers, for example: knowing your audience, the ability to break down and explain what we do and giving very clear feedback and instructions.” – Volunteer, Experian
  • “The best thing about today was the tour and learning about all the different jobs. The hardest thing was when we had to choose the right candidate. We got it down to 3 people but then it was very hard to decide.” – Student, Shaftesbury Park Primary School

Thanks to Experian for such a great trip day, and to Year 3 from Shaftesbury Park Primary School for coming along.

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