The School: Malmesbury Primary School

Malmesbury Primary in Merton, are dedicated to developing their students’ enterprise skills such as Aiming High, Working in a Team and Listening Carefully, using both challenge days and lesson time projects the teachers work hard to ensure their students have opportunity to develop their key skills in the classroom. The whole school has also taken part in the ‘Operation Moonbase‘ Challenge Day, where they worked in teams to design a new society on a distant planet. Today was an opportunity for 10 Y5 students to apply their fantastic skills in the real world at Metro Bank.

The Business: Metro Bank, Croydon

Metro Bank is Britain’s first new high street bank in over 100 years. Metro Bank offer a unique, customer-focused retail banking service. As a business they aim to make every effort to offer simpler and more convenient banking to their customers. Metro Bank aims to have 150 stores across the UK by 2020. Today we were joined by Nonye who works as a customer services representative and Luke the assistant manager as guest judge.

The Challenge: Trading Triumphs

The students started to explore the world of work by interviewing Luke and Nonye to find out more about their jobs, how they got there and which skills they used. Luke highlighted that in order to be a good leader you needed to be good at Listening Carefully and Sharing Ideas as well as being approachable. Nonye then took the teams on a tour of one the busiest Metro Bank stores. After learning all about Trading and finding out how risky they were as a team, the students were introduced to their client and her £25,000 investment. Using their Problem Solving and Listening Carefully skills the teams had to make quick decisions on which companies to invest in. Over the course of the day more information was shared until the stock market closed and they were left adding up their generous returns.

The Results:

The teams quickly got to grips with the trading game, realising that Staying Positive was a crucial skill to apply. Each student ensured that they were Working in a Team, Sharing Ideas with more confidence as the day went on. Making careful decisions, each team were able to generate a very large return for their client. At the end of a success day’s trading the students presented their learnings to the judges who were incredibly impressed with their efforts, how well they took on the challenge and their ability to collaborate together.

What they said:

  • “It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable day and it’s been great to see them working so well in groups!” – Teacher, Malmesbury Primary
  • “Their presentations were really great, I am surprised at how well they got on today as Trading isn’t an easy concept to understand” – Volunteer, Metro Bank
  • “We loved exploring the bank, asking questions to Luke and Nonye and the problem solving” – Student, Malmesbury Primary

Thanks to Metro Bank for such a great trip day, and to Year 5 from Malmesbury Primary School for coming along.

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