The School: Hatfeild Primary

Hatfeild Primary in Merton are brand new to working with Enabling Enterprise. Today’s exciting trip to Save the Children provided Year 5 students with their first experience of visiting an employer and focusing on the important skills of Sharing Ideas and Using Imagination.

The Business: Save the Children, London

Save the Children run world-class programmes to save children’s lives and challenge world leaders to keep to their promises to give children a brighter future. They work in more than 120 countries, including extensive programmes to support young people and their families the UK.

Today, students were joined by four volunteers from the UK team with job roles ranging from project managers to operations coordinators.

The Challenge: Spread the Word

Today’s challenge was to Spread the Word about Save the Children by creating an exciting new mascot with an important message. Throughout the day, students asked thoughtful questions to ensure they really understood the work that Save the Children do to help those in poverty and experiencing life-threatening hunger. They had these areas of the charity’s work in mind when they toured the offices and interviewed the staff. Later in the day, the students took on the roles of news anchors and top journalists to report on how Save the Children help young people all over the world.

The Results:

Students demonstrated great Listening Carefully skills by making notes when they were conducting their research. They also applied their Using Imagination skills by combining their ideas for different mascots into their final group designs. In the afternoon, students showed off their Sharing Ideas skills by confidently presenting their news broadcasts to a panel of judges.

What they said:

  • “I am really proud of how the children have cooperated with each other today. They have really demonstrated the Sharing Ideas and Working in a Team skills.” – Teacher, Hatfeild Primary
  • “They really impressed me with how confidently they presented their ideas in the news broadcast and how independent they were with their decision making.” – Volunteer, Save the Children
  • “I am proud of how we managed to Use our Imagination to ‘think outside of the box’ today.” – Student, Hatfeild Primary
  • “If we had to choose our own teams, we probably wouldn’t have worked together. I think we had the chance to work with people we don’t usually work with, so I am proud of how well we worked together.” – Student, Hatfeild Primary

Thanks to Save the Children for such a great trip day, and to Year 5 from Hatfeild Primary for coming along.

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