The School: Duncombe Primary School

Duncombe Primary School, in Islington, is a long-standing partner school with Enabling Enterprise and today the whole school continued to develop their primary enterprise skills. This academic year they have been participating in Lesson Time Projects and children from year 5 have put their skills to practice in real life situations through Trips to OMD and Carillion

The Challenge: Crime Scene Investigation

As budding new recruits, Crime Scene Investigation is the ultimate test of Problem Solving and Listening Carefully as the pupils are presented with an extensive range of evidence, including a crime scene tour, in which they must process and reflect upon everything they hear, see and read to decide who they think was the infamous Sugar Snatcher. Their ability at Working in a Team and Leading were of the utmost importance as all involved were keen to see how the pupils cooperated with each other and how they were able to take on leadership roles to come to team decisions.

The Results:

As the end of the day approached, it was clear the year groups had risen to the fast-paced challenge of the day and had been Staying Positive to come together and present their cases to each other. The presentations were a mark of how the pupils had developed the skills of Sharing Ideas and Listening Carefully, as they shared the person they felt committed the crime and the incriminating evidence. The whole school’s eager anticipation for the revelation of who had committed the crime provided the real evidence for the day: it proved that every child involved had tested their Enterprise Skills to the max.

What they said:

  • “Teamwork is so important to underpin the curriculum and I look forward to doing more of it” – Teacher, Year 6
  • “I couldn’t work it out but I learnt that with the help of my team we could get an answer” – Student, Year 4

Well done to everyone who was involved, great detective work!

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