The School: Greig City Academy

On Tuesday 9th May Greig City hosted another exciting Challenge Day for local primary schools to give prospective students a taste of secondary school life. Year 5 students from Welbourne Primary, St Gilda’s Catholic Junior, Trinity Primary, North Harringay Primary, Rokesly Primary, St Paul’s & All Hallows’ Primary and Weston Park Primary all took part in the day. With the support of Year 9 ambassadors from Greig City Academy the primary school students set to work to complete the intergalactic challenge designed to test how effectively the students could use eight key enterprise skills.

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

The day started with all the primary students having the opportunity to interview some student ambassadors from Greig City about what life at secondary school is really like. It was then down to business and throughout the day the pupils were required to use their skills in Working in a Team and Aiming High, as they were set the task of designing a society on a new moon. Teams had to negotiate which team members to take to the moon by assessing their abilities and how useful these would be in setting up the new colony. They then had to use their Problem Solving skills to decide how to allocate their budget to develop a new city based on specific geographical problems that they were presented with. Each team then developed a 3D prototype of their new city and finally rehearsed and gave presentations on their city ideas to win the judges’ votes.

The Results:

Teams had to work effectively and use skills such as: Working in a Team, Listening Carefully, Problem Solving and Using Imagination. There was a real competitive spirit in the atmosphere as 14 different teams all worked hard for a chance to win the prize. The day at Greig City Academy was an excellent opportunity for students to make new friends and learn about other local schools as well as serving as great preparation for their upcoming move to secondary school. The effort and enthusiasm shown by all teams was fantastic to see and everyone worked extremely hard. All the students walked out of the 2017 Moonbase Challenge feeling equally proud of their team effort and creativity. The success of the day was also helped hugely by the support of the Y9 ambassadors from Greig City who did a fantastic job of mentoring and guiding the teams, and giving lots of useful tips on secondary school life throughout the day.

What they said:

  • “The children are out of their comfort zones, starting new friendships and developing everyday skills.” – Teacher, Weston Park Primary
  • “I want to be a surgeon and learning these skills will help me reach my goal.” – Student, North Harringay Primary, Year 5
  • “We learnt practical skills, which I can use in the real world. It was both more challenging and exciting than school.” – Student, Trinity Primary, Year 5

Well done to everyone who was involved! We look forward to Greig City’s next Challenge Day!

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