The School: The Aspire Learning Partnership

The Aspire Leaning Partnership Schools comprise of seven primary schools from Middlesbrough: Overfields Primary, Grange Town Primary, South Bank Primary, Whale Hill Primary, Teesville Primary, Wilton Primary and Bankfields Primary. All the students who attended the Challenge Day have been involved in one Lesson-Time Project and will be completing a second project to further enhance their Enterprise Skills.

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

Working in mixed-school teams, the students quickly developed their skill of Working in a Team as they created unique and inspiring team names, ready for the day’s challenge. Eager to build a new society on Utopia, the teams were quick to use their imagination and Problem Solving skills to decide upon their crew members and design a new species that would support the society’s growth. It was important as the teams began the main element of the challenge that they were all Listening Carefully and Sharing Ideas to plan and create their society’s buildings and infrastructure. Time was not on their side as Aiming High and Staying Positive became the name of the game.

The Results:

Staff from the schools were keen to put the students’ presenting skills to the test as they began the showcase of their designs and day’s work. Each team was given a couple of minutes to share their ideas and impress their teachers as they would judge who was the winning team. Confidence grew as the teams presented for the second time to a different staff member and it was clear the competition would be fierce. As the judges deliberated, two teams were chosen as joint winners of the presentation with a third team being awarded the certificates for the greatest skill progression across the entire day. The day closed on a high with all the teams being exceptionally proud of what they had achieved.

What they said:

  • “It has been great to see the students challenge the use their imagination in different ways and work with pupils they have only just met” – Teacher, Grange Town Primary
  • “I’m really proud of how I have made new friends today, I was worried when I got here because we weren’t altogether but I didn’t give up and I’ve had a great day and I really liked my team.” – Student, Wilton Primary School

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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