The School: Cubitt Town Infants

Students at Cubitt Town Infants in Tower Hamlets have been developing enterprise skills through Enabling Enterprise projects for the last five academic years. So far this year, Year 2 pupils have set up and run their very own café extravaganza whilst a selected few visited Clifford Chance law firm to plan their very own office event.

Today, it was the turn all of the Year 2 students to take on the role of police detectives, as they searched for the Sugar Snatcher!

The Challenge: Crime Scene Challenge

As pupils filed into the hall for the morning assembly, they instantly knew something had happened! Dressed in protective clothing, a crime scene officer revealed that all the chocolate had been stolen from the school kitchen!

The young police recruits were keen to get started and applied their Literacy knowledge to figure out which fairy tale characters were on the suspects list. They got into teams and analysed different pieces of evidence, including fingerprints and sound clips from the crime scene. The new police teams also visited the scene of the crime and got stuck in with bagging evidence, searching for clues and discussing everything they’d found in relation to the crime.

The Results:

In the afternoon, each team of police detectives had a tough decision to make: who will they charge with the crime?

They had to apply their Listening Carefully, Sharing Ideas and Working in a Team skills to come to a compromise that everyone agreed with. The day ended with a series of police presentations during which each team explained to the rest of the class who their main suspect was and why.

Just as teams were reflecting on the enterprise skills they’d used throughout the day, a confession video came through and sent shockwaves through the school. At least that put an end to the case of the Sugar Snatcher… for now!

What they said:

  • “This has really excited them. They have been really enthusiastic all day and couldn’t wait to catch the culprit.” – Teacher, Year 2
  • “I know we are going to catch the Sugar Snatcher because our team has a magnifying glass and we’re good at finding things out!” – Student, Year 2

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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