The School: Vicarage Primary

Newham-based Vicarage Primary School may be in their first year of working with Enabling Enterprise, but the Lesson-Time Projects they have started working on enable their students to stretch their Working in a Team in a variety of contexts. Recently, some of their classes ran a busy but successful Enterprise Week, and next week the whole school will be taking part in ‘A Day in Politics’, where all students will be working in teams to create their very own political parties from scratch. Today, a selection of Year 3 and 4 students had the chance to apply their creativity to the world of work by visiting an exciting tech company. Let’s see how they got on.

The Business: IBM, London

IBM is one of the most famous information technology companies in the world. It now focuses on generating innovative solutions for business problems far more than on producing hardware. Today volunteers Kate, Mo, Sophie, Nij and Sharlene were on hand with their expertise from different departments within IBM to help the budding entrepreneurs hone in on Problem Solving and Sharing Ideas.

The Challenge: Tech-Xperts

The students split into teams to learn how communication apps are used in everyday life and in the workplace. They explored the different barriers companies may face when communicating. They were then given their brief to design an app to aid communication for employees at IBM. Once they had designed their app, its name and logo, they shared out roles within their teams to bring their project to life in a series of design mock-ups that they would later present in a Tech Trade Fair.

The Results:

The students did not waste a moment: they were keen from the off to find out all they could about IBM and the volunteers. Questions relating to the business itself, their specific jobs and the essential skills required to work at IBM were explored. A tour of the workplace ensured all students had a flavour of life at IBM, with The Studios as one of the highlights, where children got the chance to meet some of the creative team members who design software at IBM. Now armed with valuable information, the students unleashed their imagination and worked against the clock to complete the fast-paced tasks in time. School adults, IBM volunteers and EE staff alike were impressed at the range of solutions and their inclusive ethos in the case of one team, who included features to people with speech and hearing difficulties. The day culminated in a buzzing Trade Fair where the ever-growing level of professionalism was highlighted by the IBM judges.

What they said:

  • “All the children were engaged and felt confident to ask questions. They gained confidence and team-building through the interactive tasks. I am quite impressed by the leadership skills portrayed by some children in this environment.” – Teacher, Vicarage
  • “You showed fantastic ideas, clear explanations and great communication skills in your presentation: well done!” – Volunteer, IBM
  • “I like how for the skills you’re trying to develop you’ve taken these students to a place where they’re valued, whilst also showing the students what industries are out there. I find the links between the skills and the business very relevant.” – Volunteer, IBM
  • “I am proud of the people who were leading in my team: they helped us come up with the best decision together.” – Student, Vicarage

Thanks to IBM for such a fantastic trip day, and to Year 3 and 4 from Vicarage Primary School for coming along.

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