The School: Queen’s Park High School

Queen’s Park High School (QPH) is an 11 – 18 secondary schools located in the heart of Chester in North West England. It is an innovative and aspirational school which is in the process of further widening the opportunities they offer their students by developing an Enterprise Curriculum from Year 7 right through to Year 13. The school has a close relationship with Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) who are based nearby. Students from QPH will be visiting BofAML later this term. This is QPH’s first year working with Enabling Enterprise and this Challenge Day was a great way to get things started.

The Challenge: Commit to Confidence

The Sixth Form took on Commit to Confidence, our latest Challenge Day, designed to give the students the opportunity to focus on the key enterprise skills and to apply them in real world scenarios. Over the course of the day they learned and experienced how Being Creative, Listening and Understanding and Staying Positive are essential skills whether you are working in marketing, construction or finance. As they discussed what these skills really meant and then put them into action in a way they had never previously had the chance, the students recorded how their confidence in each of the eight skills was developing.

The Results:

The students excelled themselves at tackling situations that were completely new to them. Working in a Team they learnt the importance of Aiming High to ensure that Problem Solving was achieved through making the best use of everyone’s skills. They gave superb pitches to their peers demonstrating their Presenting skills as well as proving they had what it took to make difficult staffing cut backs in order to manage a decreasing budget.

As the day continued and they became more familiar with the pace and expectations of the day. It was great to see them appreciate the importance of Leading and see more students step up and lead their group to success. By the final reflection the Sixth Form had a new understanding of what the Enterprise Skills are and their importance across a range of sectors and roles. The students also began to recognise the importance of setting themselves manageable yet challenging targets to continue to build their skills, something their tutors will be following up with them in regular tutor time over the rest of the year.

What they said:

  • “They worked really hard today, they had never experienced anything like this and it was great to see them reflect on how what they do in college links to the real world” – Teacher, Year 12
  • “Today really made me think, it was the first time I’ve ever focused on non-subject related skills in this way. It’s made me realise that I’m better at some of these things than I thought, like presenting but I need to work on my listening skills, that section was really hard!” – Student, Year 13

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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