The School: Mandeville, Gayhurst and Kingsmead Primary Schools

This was a very special Challenge Day as 3 primary schools in Hackney, Gayhurst, Mandeville and Kingsmead were all running the same challenge day at exactly the same time! This meant over 1200 pupils from Reception to Year 6 across the borough were busy developing their enterprise skills, such as Working in a Team and Using Imagination to the highest standard.
All three schools have recently been working hard on eco-friendly projects, such as thinking of greener ways to travel to school and ways to help keep the air as clean as possible and have all won awards for their efforts in this area. Today’s challenge was therefore a fantastic way to combine their eco awareness with enterprise.

The Challenge: Future Transport

A special assembly kicked off the day in each school where the children all heard from Ronnie the robot who has been sent back from the year 3030 on the hunt for transport designers for the future. They learnt that the future looks very different, with environments that the current transport of 2017 would no longer be suitable for. Ice cities, desert expanses, busy urban areas and toxic jungles all require a new form of transport for the generations of the future. The students quickly worked together in their teams to analyse the harsh future environments and think about current transport features and their suitability to these. They then shared their creative designs to come up with a brand new type of transport that would also cut air pollution and be eco-friendly.

The Results:

Students across all three schools showed excellent teamwork by taking turns, Listening Carefully to each other and ensuring they all took responsibility for their tasks. It was amazing to see how students in all year groups kept refining their ideas the more they talked through their designs with their team members. Their creativity was inspired from all areas, which resulted in some outstanding vehicles. There was a range of hybrid vehicles produced across the borough and their projects were ambitious, proving that they were Aiming High. The confidence and resilience they showed was testament to their Staying Positive even when the teams were put on the spot to answer questions from the audience whilst presenting their ideas at the end of the day.

What they said:

  • ” Enabling Enterprise Challenge Days fit perfectly with this work and help children to develop teamwork and to harness their imaginative solutions to problems whilst learning new skills. This particular challenge designed by Enabling Enterprise fitted our schools completely and has resulted in some fantastic work across the schools.” – Louise Nichols, Executive Headteacher
  • “Today I felt like I didn’t have to teach much, but the kids go so much out of it, it was brilliant!” – Teacher, Mandeville, Year 5
  • “Some of the quieter students really demonstrated excellent Leading skills, checking in with their team, allocating roles and encouraging them all to stick at it and try their best.” – Teacher, Gayhurst, Year 6
  • “It’s been great for their understanding of what it means to work in a team. Some children were upset when their ideas weren’t chosen, but it’s really important for them to realise this is how it works. They are having to stay positive and think about how they react in tricky situations.” – Teacher, Kingsmead, Year 1
  • “At first I thought that some children would not work well together, but every single team has worked extremely well to create a fantastic vehicle. Plus, some of you were delegating roles, others were staying positive despite your challenges… One team particularly impressed me as you found one way to combine your ideas to come up with one prototype. Really proud of you!” – Teacher, Mandeville, Year 6
  • “I’ve learnt to listen, even when I don’t agree with someone else: I have to meet in the middle.” – Student, Year 3
  • “Our vehicle is powered by sweets because it’s good for the environment. It doesn’t cause pollution and makes everything smell of sugar!” – Student, Gayhurst, Year 1
  • “I’ve really enjoyed today because I have been able to use my imagination so much and I’ve also been able to hear other people’s ideas and then got to use them straight away.” – Student, Kingsmead, Year 5

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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