The School: John Perryn Primary School

Ealing-based John Perryn Primary have been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2013 to develop eight core enterprise skills in their students with passion and commitment. So far the school has completed a wide range of Lesson-Time Projects and taken part in several business trips to top employers across London, including property developers JLL and consultancy firm Oliver Wyman this academic year. The whole school has also put their enterprise skills to the test in a series of stretching Challenge Days: their memorable Crime Scene just a year ago was still vivid in the students’ minds. Today was the opportunity for students from Year 1 through to Year 5 to hone in on Using Imagination as they took on a forward-thinking challenge: to design a form of transport for future generations.

The Challenge: Future Transport

A special assembly kicked off the day at John Perryn today: Ronnie the robot has been sent back from the year 3030 on the hunt for transport designers for the future. The year 3030 looks very different, with environments that the current transport of 2017 will no longer be suitable for. Ice cities, desert expanses, busy urban areas and toxic jungles all require a new form of transport for the generations of the future. The students quickly worked together in their teams to analyse the future environments and think about current transport features. They then shared their creative ideas to come up with a brand new type of transport.

The Results:

Students across all year groups showed excellent teamwork by taking turns, especially Listening Carefully to each other and ensuring they all took responsibility for their tasks. It was amazing to see how students in all classrooms kept refining their ideas the more they talked through their designs with their team members. Problem Solving was a particular strength in some teams as they aimed high to finish all the tasks within the tight deadlines. Teachers and EE staff alike commented how their creativity was inspired from all areas, which resulted in some outstanding hybrid vehicles. The day culminated in the all-important testing phase of their 3D prototypes, where all teams were able to boast their Staying Positive skills, even when put on the spot to answer questions from their audiences during the presentations.

What they said:

  • “In the past my class have struggled to work together, but today they’ve never worked so well as teams! It’s really made a difference to work both in our Enterprise week and on this challenge too. I have seen their personalities change for the better.” – Teacher, Year 5
  • “We’ve shared our ideas and our jobs, I found it hard, but I’m glad we all did it!” – Student, Year 1
  • “We are the best team today because we were trying hard and we’ve achieved quite a lot in the short amount of time we had.” – Student, Year 4

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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