The School: Benthal Primary School

Benthal Primary School in Hackney have been taking part in the Enabling Enterprise programme for the last 5 years but today’s Challenge Day is their first of the year. The students have some aspirational business trips coming up very soon and a big enterprise week planned for the Summer term.

The Challenge: Crime Scene Investigation

Students heard about the mysterious case of the ‘Sugar Snatcher’, a criminal at large in the borough who had been visiting unsuspecting schools and stealing their entire chocolate supply! In an emergency meeting, teams learnt that the police had four likely suspects. Back in class, it was the aspiring detectives’ duty to analyse fingerprints, listen to audio files and scour through witness statements before preparing their evidence board. Working in their teams, the new police recruits pieced together the clues and made a group decision about who they thought was the Sugar Snatcher.

The Results:

Pupils right across the school worked hard throughout the whole day to investigate the clues and used their Problem Solving skills to try and catch the Sugar Snatcher. Analysing finger prints, listening to CCTV recordings and a visit to the crime scene itself were just some of the activities that helped them to solve the crime. At the end of the day all the pupils created evidence boards to prove their theories and then reflected on the skills that had been used in an assembly.

What they said:

  • “The perfect platform for collaborative learning, the children were ‘Sherlocked’ into attentiveness!” – Teacher, Year 3
  • “It’s important to improve on working together because when you grow up you have to work with other people and help them” – Student, Year 5 Willow Class

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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