The School: Eversley Primary School

Eversley Primary School in Enfield is in their first year as an Enabling Enterprise Primary School. They are developing key enterprise skills in their students through Lesson-time Projects such as Year 6’s Legal Eagles, and Business Trips to top London businesses such as UBS. Today is their first whole-school Challenge Day where students from Reception to Year 6 were involved in the challenge of setting up a new society on the distant moon Utopia!

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

As the problems of overcrowding and pollution worsen on planet Earth, Eversley Primary School students were future-focussed on establishing a new society where humans could move to. They applied their Problem Solving and Using Imagination to choose a space crew, design a new species of animal and build an entire city from scratch. At the end of the challenge, students worked together to rehearse and present a series of persuasive pitches to convince people that their ideas were the best in the galaxy!

The Results:

Throughout the challenge, students thought carefully about how to delegate tasks so that everyone in their team was busy and that everything was finished within the tight deadlines. Through Working in a Team so effectively and Listening Carefully to each other, the teams were able to explore this challenge with great depth and enthusiasm. They were Aiming High when building their city maps, ensuring they constructed all buildings to the highest standard and presented their new societies with confidence and flair.

What they said:

  • “The pace works really well thanks to the short videos and the activities alternating. It really helps with their concentration.” – Teacher, Year 2
  • “They are loving it. It’s just something they don’t really get to do very often: it’s really good!” – Teacher, Year 3
  • “In our team it’s worked out really well because we decided together who could do what.” – Student, Year 3
  • “We are the best team because we are very positive and we can get things done!” – Student, Year 4

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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