The School: Jessop Primary School

Jessop Primary School in Lambeth is an Enabling Enterprise Primary School. This year they are developing key enterprise skills in their students through projects such as Year 4’s ‘Active Minds’, where students develop their Sharing Ideas skill to create a fitness programme for other students. They will be further developing the skills through their summer term Challenge Day.

The Business: Allen & Overy, London

Allen & Overy’s lawyers in London advise the world’s leading businesses, financial institutions, governments and private individuals. They regularly work on complex cross-border transactions, ground breaking new legal solutions and products, and help clients resolve their most difficult disputes. They employ 2000 people in the UK.

The Challenge: Ace Advocates

The students split into teams to gather evidence to support them in building an argument for or against a negotiation scenario. Some teams took the case of a train company vs a wildlife group, whilst other looked to resolve a dispute between a supermarket chain and local shopkeepers association. The students had to listen carefully to each other to ensure they had lots of arguments in their case file. Volunteers from Allen & Overy supported the teams throughout the day to develop their cases ahead of the negotiations.

The Results:

The day culminated in a debate between teams with the volunteers on hand to resolve the dispute if the teams could not reach an agreement. The teams needed to share their ideas convincingly to win over the other team or convince them to accept their compromise.

What they said:

  • “Fantastic skill development throughout the day.” – Teacher, Jessop Primary
  • “They tugged at the heartstrings with their presentation, it was very emotive. They were very good at facilitating a compromise in the negotiation.” – Volunteer, Allen and Overy
  • “As a team we have developed our sharing ideas skill and our working in a team skill.” – Student, Allen and Overy

Thanks to Allen and Overy for such a great trip day, and to Year 5 from Jessop Primary for coming along.

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