The School: Weston Park

Weston Park Primary School, in the borough of Haringey, are in their fourth year of working with Enabling Enterprise. They have developing the all-important enterprise skills on numerous business trips to top employers across London and completed several Challenge Days as a whole school, for example on a memorable ‘Operation Moonbase’. With all classrooms being named after famous artists, today’s very fitting challenge was the chance for Weston Park to put the budding entrepreneurs’ skills to the test once more with gusto, particularly honing in on Using Imagination.

The Challenge: Level Up!

Over the course of the day, students delved into the world of gaming whilst Working in a Team to design and code a new computer game, set in their very own school! The students used all eight of the enterprise skills, reflecting on their school values, researching computer games and coding a platform game that showcases what makes their school great. At the end of the day, the students took their games to be previewed at the EE Game Expo.

The Results:

The Weston Park students showed excellent Using Imagination and Aiming High skills, as they designed, developed and previewed their new game ideas. Some of their ideas included a game set in the lunch hall, where you took on the role of a giant sausage, dodging the students’ knives and forks! The day culminated with all year groups Sharing Ideas presenting their gaming project to their audience, with the teachers very proud and impressed with their skills.

What they said:

  • “This day has really captured their imagination. All the way from Year 1 up through to the top of the school, every child is engaged.” – Teaching Assistant, Year 1
  • “Our team came up with a game world where the teacher is late and has to try to get to school. We all had different ideas and we put them together to create one great idea.” – Student, Year 4

Well done to the students and staff at Weston Park.

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