The School: Crab Lane Primary School

In their third year with Enabling Enterprise, these students from Crab Lane Primary, Manchester are on their second trip of the year. It was therefore no surprise that the teams entered the impressive offices of Lex Autolease with confidence and excited smiles. With great knowledge of the skills, the teams jumped head first into the challenges of the day and any nerves were quickly overcome.

The Business: Lex Autolease, Cheadle

Part of the Lloyds Banking Group, Lex Autolease is the UK’s leading fleet management specialist. Lex Autolease provide low-cost car & vehicle leasing for businesses. With so much of a family atmosphere, it was impossible for the children to feel anything less than welcome and excited as they stepped foot into Lex Autolease’s Cheadle office. 8 volunteers from across several departments gave their time to come and help the students tackle the day’s challenge and breadth of experience was exactly what the teams needed.

The Challenge: Recruitment Race

Taking on the roles of Lex Autolease’s brand new HR teams, the students’ Leading and Problem Solving skills were tested to their limits. Working as a team, the students listened carefully to information about three new job roles at the Cheadle office before thinking about their perfect candidates for each of the three roles. In the running for Financial Manager, Cleaner and Receptionist were six very different candidates. The team’s aimed high to try to identify the best candidates for the jobs, weighing up the candidates strengths and areas to improve against their list of ideal characteristics and skills.

The Results:

Pitching to the Lex Autolease volunteers with style and confidence, each of the five teams took their turn with every student standing proud and speaking clearly about their new chosen employees. Their Sharing Ideas skills came on leaps and bounds throughout the day with even the quietest team members having a go. Sharing all of the challenges they had faced throughout the day and explaining how they overcome them, the volunteers were hard pushed to find a winning team at the end of the day.

What they said:

  • “It was fantastic to see the pupils develop as the day went on, they were made to feel so welcome that they found the confidence to present at the end.” – Teacher, Crab Lane
  • “Such a great day! The kids were amazing and their presentations were incredible.” – Volunteer, Lex Autolease
  • “I was really scared when I first came in but I’m really proud of how we worked as a team and all got up to speak at the end.” – Student, Crab Lane

Thanks to Lex Autolease for such a great trip day, and to Year 4 from Crab Lane for coming along.

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