The School: Ravenor Primary

Ravenor Primary School, based in Greenford, are in their first year of working with Enabling Enterprise. This year, the school are focusing on developing the enterprise skills of their Year 5 students through projects, a challenge day and a trip. Recently, the students’ Using Imagination and Working in a Team skills were on display as they created a new society for their Operation: Moonbase Challenge Day. The students have also completed the Number Games project and are looking forward to exercising their brains and bodies for their Active Minds project later this year!

Today gave the students an opportunity to put their Problem Solving and Leading skills to the test in the world of work. Let’s find out how they got on…

The Business: Hounslow Highways

Hounslow Highways is the highways service provider working on behalf of the London Borough of Hounslow, responsible for maintaining the roads, pavements and street lighting across the borough, as well as providing a number of other key services including street cleansing, winter maintenance and enforcement.

Since the Hounslow Highways contract started, they have been working hard to improve the appearance and quality of Hounslow’s streets. In recent years, they have resurfaced 141km of roads, renewed 206km of pavements and installed 14,483 new LED street lights. Today, volunteers Antoine, Louise, Amani and Divisional Director Martin were on hand to support Ravenor’s budding Human Resources teams with all their expertise from a range of departments within Hounslow Highways, including Design and Construction, Project Management and Customer Service.

The Challenge: Recruitment Race

The day started off with an extremely insightful tour of the premises; led by Mark, one half of the tour took in the depot where the students learnt a lot about the extensive range of vehicles, the eco-friendly ethos and the safety rules that Hounslow Highways practises. Led by Neelam, the other half of the tour took in the different departmental offices within the building, looking at Finance, Procurement, Highway Maintenance & Cleansing, Media and Public Relations.

The teams were then transformed into Human Resources (HR) recruitment firms and set their challenge for the day: to fill three job vacancies at Hounslow Highways as a new cleaner, finance manager and receptionist were needed. The six teams of 9- and 10-year olds spent some time thinking about what skills and attributes the perfect Hounslow Highways employee might have, before carefully reviewing the job descriptions to identify what exactly would required of the successful candidate. After lunch, it was then time to watch and review a series of interviews: six possible candidates for the three jobs, but only one final hiring decision to be taken as a group!

The Results:

After supporting the students fantastically throughout the day, our wonderful volunteers then turned into judges for the final part of the challenge, where they were particularly impressed by the high standard of the students’ presentation skills as well as their overall teamwork and confidence. Students explained their choices, including detailed reasons why they had selected each candidate, and used persuasive language to win over the judges. Teams also sought to make their presentations stand out by giving themselves alliterative names, and adding humour to their pitches through ‘drum rolls’!

Ravenor’s aspiring recruiters did such a great job that each student walked away not only with fantastic experiences from the day, but also a skills awards for each team, rewarding the development and progression they had shown throughout the day on a particular enterprise skill.

What they said:

  • “It was very fun and I learnt a lot about working together as a team.” – Student, Ravenor Primary
  • “Having volunteered on a previous trip with younger students, it was great to see how this one was adapted to engage the older students.” – Volunteer, Hounslow Highways
  • “It’s been a great day. They have shared leadership roles, and working alongside the employees kept them really engaged and helped them develop their vocabulary through the use of high-level language. They will take a lot from this, particularly an understanding of HR and how important first impressions are.” – Teachers, Ravenor Primary
  • “I’d heard how great these trips are from colleagues, so I put myself forward and was pleased to see that it was exactly as I thought it would be! It was fun for them and for me, very engaging and a very rewarding day all round.” – Volunteer, Hounslow Highways
  • “I loved it! I really enjoyed doing the pitches and we all learnt not to give up too easily if things are tricky.” – Student, Ravenor Primary

Thanks to Hounslow Highways for such a great trip day, and to the Year 5 students from Ravenor Primary School for coming along and making it so enjoyable.

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