The School: Hall Green Infant School

Hall Green Infant School, located in Hall Green, Birmingham, have just begun working with Enabling Enterprise and kicked off their enterprise education programme with a special kind of mission, putting their Working in a Team and Using Imagination skills to the test!

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

A special assembly set the scene to introduce the mission to all Year 1 and 2 classes who couldn’t wait to get started. Back in classrooms, teams had to work together to decide on their crew, listening carefully to each other’s ideas. Imaginations ran wild as teams, created a brand new species of animal to help the people on their new Moonbase. Next, taking on the role of architects and builders they built their ideal city, thinking carefully about which buildings would be needed immediately for their new society. All teams were Aiming High and Problem Solving, showing resilience to overcome any construction difficulties and utilised learning from other areas of the curriculum impressively.

The Results:

Throughout the day it was brilliant to see the young Hall Green enterprise teams working together so effectively. Leaders came to the fore – encouraging each other and making sure everyone was listened to. It was particularly impressive to see the students’ imaginations in action as they designed and built their Moonbases! At the end of the day, teachers were wowed with some confident and persuasive presentations which communicated clearly just how marvellous their new Moonbases were.

What they said:

  • “I was impressed by the level of questioning and quality of work from the students. It’s been a really good day.” – Teacher, Year 1
  • “I loved using my imagination to make the Moonbase!” – Student, Year 2
  • “My team have been fun to work with – we’ve shared and helped each other.” – Student, Year 1
  • “Some of our quieter children have really found their voices today – the team work element has been so good for them. How they have been able to listen to each other and support each other has impressed me.” – Teacher, Year 2

Well done to everyone who was involved in Operation Moonbase at Hall Green Infant School.

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