The School: Fryent Primary School

Fryent Primary are in their second year of their Enabling Enterprise partnership. The school took part in the Creative Spaces Challenge Day where they showed off their Problem Solving and Using Imagination skills.

Today’s trip was a chance for Year 6 students to put their enterprise skills to the test once again, as they embarked on an exciting challenge at international law firm Nabarro.

The Business: Nabarro, London

Nabarro LLP is an international law firm head-quartered in London with origins dating back to the 1950s. Nabarro employs over 800 staff across offices in London, Sheffield, Manchester, Brussels, Singapore and Dubai.

Today, these Year 6 students were lucky enough to be joined by Marie, Real Estate Partner at Nabarro, and Andrew, Libby, Liz, Emma and Aisling from CMS, a fellow law firm who are soon to be merged with Nabarro and Olswang to form the 6th largest law firm in the world! The students had the chance to quiz the volunteers about their jobs and the skills they use, as they really got to see the importance of Working in a Team as firm partners, lawyers and trainee solicitors shared their expertise and an insight into their careers.

The Challenge: Ace Advocates

After the introductions, the students were taken on an exciting tour of the offices, talking in the spectacular views across the city of famous London landmarks, as well as taking the chance to visit the different departments and lawyers’ offices to see how each team member plays a pivotal role in ensuring Nabarro can handle clients’ cases expertly.

Inspired by the volunteers from Nabarro, each team formed a firm of passionate lawyers representing their clients in a highly contentious negotiation task. Working against another team, the groups were given a wide range of key information about their particular case and were Listening Carefully and Sharing Ideas to ensure they could present the key arguments and suggest a suitable compromise that their client would be happy with and would be agreeable to the opposing law firms’ client needs. The firms Worked in a Team to put their arguments together and Used Their Imagination to create a persuasive presentation to convince the judges of their expertise.

The Results:

At the end of the day, each team of solicitors presented passionately in favour of their client before trying to reach a compromise with the opposing side. It was brilliant to see the Fryent Primary teams using their Listening Carefully and Problem-Solving skills to negotiate and try and find a solution that everyone was happy with.

What they said:

  • “The structure of the day meant that the concepts were broken down clearly and it was fool-proof! The activities were scaffolded for the children so that they could confidently adapt it to their own level and put their ideas across.” – Volunteer, Nabarro
  • “The day was well-organised, with great volunteers who were knowledgeable and patient with the kids. It was perfectly pitched to the age group and gave aspirations to the whole class by providing an insight into the world of law. The students will take a lot from this, particularly the professional language, the ability to take on critical feedback and the idea and implementation of a compromise.” – Teacher, Fryent Primary School
  • “There were no passengers today; everyone was involved throughout the whole day. You’ve shown really good listening skills in the way you’ve listened to the adults around you and to everybody in your team.” – Volunteer, Nabarro
  • “We have been working hard to share our ideas. We all put our thoughts together and used them to make better ideas to understand how we can look after our clients.” – Student, Fryent Primary School

Thanks to Nabarro for such a great trip day, and to Year 6 from Fryent Primary School for coming along and making it so enjoyable.

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