The School: Clifton Primary

Last term these Year 4 and 5 students took part in the Greetings Card Challenge at their school, and so were now ready to use their Problem Solving and Staying Positive skills in a professional environment. Their visit to M&G was a great way to build on everything they had learnt about the world of work from their Challenge Day and apply their skills in a new environment.

The Business: M&G, London

M&G is a leading investment house. With over 80 years’ experience in the UK and overseas, M&G manages assets on behalf of a wide range of investors across UK, Europe, Asia, the Americas and South Africa. They work in offices across Europe and Asia to ensure that their clients make the most of their money.

The Challenge: Trading Triumphs

Once they were in the smart meeting room at the front of M&G’s offices, the children introduced themselves with a professional handshake to the M&G employees who were helping them out for the day. After an introduction from Anna about the work that M&G does, the children found out more about the employees’ jobs and skills through lot of thoughtful questioning. Following this, the children got a fantastic tour of the offices, meeting the HR director, seeing the Post Room and getting to enjoy the importance of a boardroom.
Back in their meeting space, the children were set the challenge of becoming traders, working for their client Dr Taylor. But would they make the right choice of investments and succeed in their aim to make her savings flourish?

The Results:

Through thorough research and Listening Carefully to Stock Market Matters radio station, the teams made educated decisions about where to invest Dr Taylor’s money. Despite some ups and downs and finger-biting moments, all the children did a fantastic job as traders and made a healthy return for Dr Taylor! They were then set to present to a team of M&G employees in the auditorium – including using professional microphones! – to share their learnings and show how they had performed as the best traders in town. The teams were absolutely brilliant and impressed all the M&G employees with their Problem Solving and Staying Positive.

What they said:

  • “The children developed great team-working skills, as well as business terminology. They learnt how to take calculated risks and how to support each other. The children felt inspired.” – Teacher, Clifton Primary
  • “I enjoyed seeing how young children can understand the finance world, and I saw them learn new words and the importance of risk in business!” – Volunteer, M&G
  • “I enjoyed working together and learning new things about investments. I was proud of my group’s presentation as we put a lot of effort into it and we all took part.” – Student, Clifton Primary

Thanks to M&G for such a great trip day, and to Years 4 and 5 from Clifton Primary for coming along.

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