The Schools: Hyrstmount Primary School, Grammar School at Leeds, Norristhorpe Primary School, Yeadon Westfield Junior School and Westgate Primary School

From the West Yorkshire districts, the five schools came together to challenge their Key Stage 2 students to a taste of life as a solicitor. Each school invited five of their students to compete in mixed school teams, working with pupils they had never met before. The pupils rose to the challenge and quickly settled, Working in a Team to become the winners of the day’s events.

The Business: Addleshaw Goddard in Leeds

Addleshaw Goddard is an international, corporate law firm with headquarters in London and other offices in Leeds and Manchester. They employ 750 lawyers focusing on commercial, corporate and employment law. Welcoming the children to their brand-new, state of the art building, the volunteers greeted their teams and guided them with pride and enthusiasm throughout the day.

The Challenge: Ace Advocate

As a team of budding solicitors, the pupils were set the task of Listening Carefully to the case file they were assigned and the clients they were asked to represent. The teams had to begin Sharing Ideas quickly to process the range of information about the case and ensure that they were developing strong arguments to present in favour of their clients. Finding a compromise that was likely to be accepted by the opposing team involved acute Problem Solving skills and when the teams came to present their arguments, their ability to share their three arguments and solutions and required some cunning persuasive language and oracy skills.

The Results:

Stood opposite each other to present their arguments, each opposing teams were given the opportunity to sway the judges’ vote and deem their team of solicitors the winning team of the day. Showing an understanding for their audience, each team were Sharing Ideas about their client’s needs with conviction, and when the compromises were not met and the challenge increased, students were quick at Staying Positive and using their imagination to solve the problem of finding a compromise that would be accepted. Invariably, this was not the case and, once again, the students showed the steel and resolve for a career in law.

What they said:

  • “The quality of the delivery has been fantastic. The students have got so much out of the day and truly enjoyed it.” – Teacher, Westgate Primary School
  • “It has been a pleasure to volunteer. I have been amazed at the ideas the students have and their ability to ask some really interesting questions when we were interviewed.” – Volunteer, Addleshaw Goddard, Leeds
  • “I was really proud of how we worked together. Everyone listened to each other’s ideas. ” – Student, Grammar School of Leeds

Thanks to Addleshaw Goddard for such a great trip day, and to all the students from Hyrstmount Primary School, Grammar School at Leeds, Norristhorpe Primary School, Yeadon Westfield Junior School and Westgate Primary School for coming along.

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