The School: William Booth Primary & Nursery School

William Booth Primary & Nursery School, in Nottingham, have been an Enabling Enterprise Partner School for two years, enabling them to provide their pupils with a range of opportunities to learn, develop and enhance their enterprise skills through a variety of lesson time projects, business trip and school based challenge days.

The Business: Experian, Nottingham

Brewin Dolphin is one of the UK’s leading providers of personalised, discretionary wealth management services, offering investment management and financial planning services to investors and intermediaries. With origins dating back to the mid-18th century, they were one of the founding firms of the London Stock Exchange. They have 28 offices throughout the UK & Ireland and have a wealth of experience dealing with investment markets.

The Challenge: Trading Triumphs

Year 4 pupils from William Booth arrived at Brewin Dolphin excited to find out more about the world of investment and finance and how they were to be challenged during this workplace visit. Having got to know the Brewin Dolphin volunteers who they would be working with during the day, the children took a great tour of the offices that included opportunities to speak to other enthusiastic employees enabling them to learn more about Brewin Dolphin and the varied jobs that their employees do. Challenged to invest the hard earned money of Dr. Taylor, a very special client, each team needed to show they could Listen Carefully, take account of fluctuations occurring on the ‘stock market’ and make sound decisions for the benefit of their client.

The Results:

This fast-paced challenge certainly tested all of the young entrepreneurs from Willian Booth – they needed to take calculated risks, using their Problem Solving skills and demonstrating their ability to stay positive as the stock market fluctuated. Utilising their Maths knowledge from school effectively, each team was able to check their calculations, confident that Dr Taylor would be happy with the return on her investment! Brewin Dolphin volunteers were extremely impressed with the children as they awarded enterprise points throughout the challenge and for the content of each team’s final presentation to their client.

What they said:

  • “It was great to see the children so engaged in the tasks, working as part of a team and using their problem solving skills outside the classroom.” – Teacher, William Booth Primary & Nursery School
  • “The whole day ran so smoothly; the children were engaged throughout and clearly enjoyed themselves. I was really impressed with the amount of questions the children asked and the different enterprise skills they demonstrated throughout the day.” – Brewin Dolphin volunteer
  • ” Our team work was good and we got to ask lots of questions,” – Student, William Booth Primary & Nursery School
  • ” I liked buying shares on the Stock Market for Dr Taylor.” – Student, William Booth Primary & Nursery School
  • ” The tour was great, they have lots of computer screens full of stock market numbers in the office! ” – Student, William Booth Primary & Nursery School

Thanks to Brewin Dolphin Nottingham for such a great visit, and to the children and staff from William Booth Primary & Nursery School for your enthusiasm and hard work throughout the day.

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