The School: St Mary’s & St John’s CE Primary School

St Mary’s & St John’s CE Primary School in Barnet is an Enabling Enterprise All Through School. This year they are developing key enterprise skills in their students through projects such as Going Live and Number Games. They have also previously worked as police recruits to investigate a crime scene and were well prepared for the challenges which awaited them today.

The Business: Societe Generale, London

Societe Generale is a large European Bank and a major Financial Services company that has a substantial global presence. It is the second largest French bank and the eighth largest in the European zone. In the UK, Société Générale does not have high street branches but does offer a wide range of corporate and private banking services. Today’s volunteers at Tower Hill were from a range of departments within the business including the legal team, CSR, compliance and investment teams. They were certainly able to give a variety of insights to the budding Year 5 traders!

The Challenge: Trading Triumphs

The Year 5 students were split into teams to take on the roles of traders for the day, practising their Problem Solving as they made fast-paced trading decisions based on up-to-the-minute news and Staying Positive when the markets did not work in their favour! After interviewing the Societe Generale staff and touring the building (where they also had the opportunity to enjoy the grass of the rooftop garden!), the students worked together in their teams to analyse information from a number of sources before making their trades.

The Results:

The teams clearly showed their ability when Listening Carefully as they set to work researching four different companies to invest the £25,000 from Dr Taylor. The level of competition was high amongst students and volunteers alike, with teams working hard throughout the day to try and gain the most points for each of the challenge skills. With particular focus on Staying Positive, it was great to see students championing each other and never giving up – even when things got tricky later in the day! The day concluded with outstanding presentations, where the students were Using Imagination to persuade and impress the judges.

What they said:

  • “The children were extremely engaged and learnt about an industry they didn’t know about before and all the time it was fun and exciting!” – Teacher, St Mary’s & St John’s CE Primary School
  • “So impressed with their presentations, some of them seemed a bit shy in discussions but when they presented they were so confident and engaging!” – Volunteer, Societe Generale
  • “Today we needed to stay positive when we had some problems, disagreements and disappointments. This was because we realised we are a team and team’s help each other to make the best of something when it goes wrong.” – Student, St Mary’s & St John’s CE Primary School

Thanks to Societe Generale for such a great trip day, and to Year 5 from St Mary’s & St John’s CE Primary School for coming along.

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