The Schools: Springwood Heath, St Michael-in-the-Hamlet, Florence Melly, Holy Cross, Longmoor Community and Our Lady and St Philomena’s Primary Schools

We were excited today to host our second ever Enabling Enterprise competition in Liverpool. After an overwhelming response from local schools it was fantastic to be able to welcome pupils from six different primary schools across the region. They arrived with little knowledge of what to expect but it was clear to see that they were all Aiming High and determined to make their school proud. Test one was being separated from their school mates and put into groups with students from other schools. After some initial trepidation they soon showed what they were made of and bonded with their new team mates determined to win!

The Business: RSA, Liverpool

RSA is one of the world’s leading multinational quoted insurance groups. We provide insurance and risk management for businesses and individuals across the globe. Focusing on general insurance, we have around 23,000 employees worldwide. It was our first trip to RSA in Liverpool, situated right in the heart of the city centre in the Capital building the pupils couldn’t fail to be impressed and inspired by their surroundings.

The Challenge: Trading Triumphs

Staying Positive and Problem Solving were the key skill for today as the newly formed teams had the tricky task of taking on Enabling Enterprise’s very own stock market. Could they master Working in a Team and Listening Carefully in order to make the right investments for their clients? It was a good job the RSA volunteers were on hand to offer guidance, support and praise as the students raced against the clock to make as much money as possible whilst staying true to their client’s principals. Who would crumble under the pressure and who would emerge triumphant? Trading got off to a furious start!

The Results:

Teacher and volunteers alike noticed how quickly the teams developed their Leading skills and how happy they were Sharing Ideas with one another to ensure they had considered all factors. The scoreboard soon filled up as the volunteers witnessed the pupils actively and enthusiastically developing their skills. It was amazing to hear how confidently and proudly the pupils presented to the judges, volunteers from RSAs senior management. They were not scared by having to come up to the front but rather excited to be able to explain the progress they had made throughout the day and eager to explain why they should be the winning team.

What they said:

  • “They’ve had a great day and learnt so much.” – Teacher, Florence Melly
  • “It’s been really good to see how much progress in possible in just a few hours – they were so much more confident and professional by the end of the day.” – Volunteer, RSA
  • “I’m really proud of how well we worked together and listened to each other. Every got to have a go. ” – Student, Longmoor Community

Thanks to RSA for such a great trip day, and to all the staff and students from Springwood Heath, St Michael-in-the-Hamlet, Florence Melly, Holy Cross, Longmoor Community, Our Lady’s and St Philomena’s Primary Schools for coming along.

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